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BMW’s Vision
Today, BMW has achieved global recognition as a leading manufacturer of luxury sports cars. The corporate image is highly respected and is considered as one of the few companies with an excellent work environment along with a great corporate structure. Vision is often considered as a vivid mental image that develops through understanding of internal and external business environment. The vision statement of BMW is simplistic and quite realistic. Their vision states, “Uniqueness through diversity, Leadership and taking risk, courteous.” The vision statement not only reveals the attitude but strength of the company. BMW believes in offering unique products embedded with premium quality catering to the needs and requirements of a niche segment. The company has diversified its product line and each product highlights the history of the organization marked with impeccable quality and appeal. The management of BMW believes in taking risk by engaging themselves in exploring hidden opportunities in the business environment along with challenging technology at every step to come up with new and innovative products in the short as well as in the long run. Overall, the vision statement of BMW is unique and practical that creates quite a vivid realistic image backed by leadership and diversification. BMW’s Mission

Certainly, mission is something that offers sleepless nights to achieve a task or dream that has been termed as a target. The mission of any organization reveals their hunger for success and overall corporate strategy in the short as well as in the long run. The mission statement of BMW states, “To become most successful premium car manufacturer in the car industry” (Histesh). BMW is considered as one of the highly admired and desired automobile brands across the world. The company is famous for its distinctive and innovative designs, high quality and luxurious approach (Kiley 104). BMW is one of the greatest automobile brands of all time with great appeal all across the world. The mission statement might suggest the desire of the organization to become the most successful premium car manufacturers in the car industry. However, the company is on top of the list that will offer great solace to come up with new and innovative products to become the world’s number one automobile company in terms of reach, acceptance and revenue. Values and Objectives

The values and objectives of BMW are rooted in their golden history embedded with honesty and high thinking. BMW has always desired of being ahead in the market through understanding the internal and external business environment. The objectives of BMW include: To make their position stronger than at the moment by the end of 2012 To manufacture environmental friendly cars

To stay ahead in the competition
To help the society by being responsible
To increase the sales all across the world
Up to the year 2020, BMW Group intends to strengthen its position within the global motor vehicle market by increasing sales to more than two million automobiles per year. In addition to striving to grow its existing business, the BMW Group will develop new and profitable areas of activity. At the same time, the BMW Group will invest in future technologies, new vehicle concepts and pioneering drive systems. The new strategy has been given the name Number ONE, standing for 'New Opportunities' and 'New Efficiency'. This means making the best use of new opportunities and becoming more efficient in order to ensure BMW Group's lead over competitors and to actively shape the company's future.

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Communication Structure
The communication structure of BMW is very clear and direct, making the information communicated in a...
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