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Topics: Laptop, Innovation, Technology Pages: 3 (717 words) Published: March 28, 2012
Summary of the article:
The article “Beyond the PC,” (Beyond the computer, 2011) published on October 8, 2011 in The Economist, discusses the portable technological advancements throughout the years. The innovative ideas of smartphones and tablet computers have enabled consumers the access to computing power with increased mobility. The article focuses on the mobility of the products, the consumers and the technological shift.

The journalist of the article believes that the revolutionary turning point of technology lies in its mobility. The article suggests that smartphones and tablet computers are disruptive technologies, anticipating the end of the PC era and the replacement of cellular phones by smartphones. Although the journalist does not expect the end of PCs for years to come, he believes that the accessibility to compute in most places stimulates a person’s dependence on technology. This will then lead to the need for further convenience in accessing computing power.

The article credits consumers for the rapid increase in information technology (IT). Stronger economy and increased incomes cause quick adoption of new technologies. This results in the swift lowering of price of technology.

Internet and fast broadband connectivity results in escalating customer expectations. Hence, the article states that technological developments must center on connectivity and accessing online content. The journalist concludes with explicating that the demands for technology along with the economy supporting the technological developments will stimulate innovation for extraordinary products. Critique of the article:

The IT developments are related to mobility. The iPad and Macbook Air are both small products that allow consumers to carry them with ease. Peter Openheimer, financial officer of Apple, states that portable sales, the majority being the Macbook Air, made up 74% of the sales revenue for Apple (Meyer, 2011). In addition, IDC analysts predict that...

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