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Today world has the globalized economic system. With this system all of individual countries are linking with others with purpose benefiting each of them. Business is main linkage factor for countries to link with each other. Then it will grow up to political, cultural and in too many more sectors. With all this condition environment of business is getting complicated but it is very helpful function of business and it will benefited too. Business Environment can identify as “All of the factors, both internal and external, which influence the function of a business. Internal factors include items such as the company's products or services, employees, assets, and marketing. External factors include competitors, stockholders, customers, and economic conditions.” (, 2013)

UKs’ business environment – Despite is the current global economic turmoil and unique economic challenges currently faced by Europe, the UK business environment remains positive, forward-looking and open for business. The UK government is committed to creating the supportive business environment that will encourage a private-sector-led economic recovery. Today, the UK is the world’s sixth-largest economy and one of the world’s top ten manufacturers (six of the world’s top ten vehicle makers are based in the UK). It is also the world’s second-largest services exporter (after the U.S.) and the world’s sixth- largest trading nation. It also remains the most attractive place in Europe for a European headquarters: more overseas companies have their European headquarters in the UK than in France and Germany put together.

Unilever UK- In 1885 launched the first packaged and branded laundry soap by Mr. William and Mr. James Lever as the start of Unilever. London is home to one of our two global headquarters, the other being in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Unilever has two global research facilities at Port Sunlight and Colworth, as well as manufacturing sites and distribution depots dotted around the UK. Unilever is not only focussing about their profit earnings. Unilever is involving many CSR project among community to build up their goodwill. Business environment of Unilever is very broad, complexes and structured clearly for easy function. (Unilever, 2103)

2.Task 01
2.1 Explaining Different types of Organization
Group of people are working to achieve for common objective, can be identify as Organization. There are five main common responsibilities to any kind of organization. Social, environment, management, ethics and business, public relation and corporate image are the five responsibilities of an organization. .

Type of Organization

2.1.1. Private Organization
Organization operates with purpose of earning profit and is running, by individual with non state control. •Sole Trades
Sole trade is a business which owning by one person. This is the common business model that operates most of countries.
Sole trade is owned by one person. So it is very easy to take decision. All control a power has with the single person is most valuable advantages of this business type. Profit is total earning by one person and this type of business can start and end very easily with low cost. Legal requirements are less and confidential of business transaction high than other business types. Customer service of this business is easy and gathering feedback of them also easy. Accounting and auditing is not compulsory. Disadvantages

Business is liability is unlimited. One person investing for this business so capital is inadequacy. Business losses also should bear individually. Decision takes individually so decision may be incorrect and less ability to develop business. This type has lack of management skills, due to one person controlling.

Partnership business is organization that is operating by group of individual. More than of two...
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