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Case Study on
Local Motors : Designed by the Crowd, Built by the Customer

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Dr. Dindayal Swain Ruchika Mahapatra

I hereby declare that the case study on “LOCAL MOTORS : DESIGNED BY THE CROWD, BUILT BY THE CUSTOMER – A Case Study” submitted to International Business Institution, Bhubaneswar is a record of original work done by me.

Miss Ruchika Mahapatra
PGDM 2013-15


Background of the Company1
SWOT Analysis4

Local Motors was started by John Burton Rogers (Jay Rogers) basing the headquarters at Wareham, Massachusetts. Jay Rogers is a graduate of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of International Affairs and had worked as an analyst at an investment bank. His father had a biomedical testing business in china in mid-1990s and his grandfather owned the Indian Motorcycle Company in the 1940s. In 1999 Jay Rogers joined the Marine Corps, leaving behind an officer position in the United States Marine Corps. When Jay Rogers was in his 5th year in the Marines he came across the huge losses faced by the U.S. car industry and decided to contribute. His background in entrepreneurship, a work experience in finance, the love for cars in his heart and the thought “be humble, but think big” gave him high spirits. In 2005 Rogers entered the Harvard Business School, and got a work experience from McKinsey & Co.’s automotive practice. He had a experienced classmate who was his partner when visiting the auto companies and interviewing the executives. Some of the companies where Ford, niche players, Factory Five from where he collected all the basic data’s to start a company. Mark Smith, the founder of Factory Five invested in Rogers Company for the start up. The other who had invested where New York investors. He himself invested some amount and started...
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