Cloud computing in Automotive sector

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The automotive industry is focused on making the most of global operations, globalizing products and brands and changing the mix of capabilities, knowledge and assets. The idea of using cloud-based services in the automotive industry is inspiring innovations in vehicle design, manufacturing, marketing and sales. But as automotive companies add new capabilities and enter new market segments, they face increasing challenges related to the ever-growing barriers of time, cost and risk in aligning IT and business goals. In this dynamic new age, the time has come for a new breed of systems. The key to success in the future will be systems with integrated expertise that are built for cloud. There is a need to address two fundamental questions related to cloud technology for automotive companies that want to take a proactive approach.

1. What is the best way to explore cloud computing technology that delivers the functions necessary to improve efficiency, reduce cost or produce new capabilities?

2. Which applications, services and technologies should be considered for development and deployment within the cloud to meet the goals of the extended automotive enterprise? Many mature technologies and best practices are already available that can be readily deployed using cloud computing.

Traditional automotive focal areas such as power train, body design and interiors will remain important, but will be joined in the future by sensing capabilities, software and wireless communications which will enable the vehicle to detect road conditions, recognize other vehicles (and pedestrians) near its space and sense environmental changes. Cloud connectivity will make it possible for vehicles to respond to developing traffic situations, find alternate routes and anticipate impending collisions. Overall, the connected vehicle will open new capabilities for safety by enhancing the driving experience in three specific areas: ●● Real-time access to driving conditions and emergency situations ●● Driver assistance and the personalization of the driving experience ●● More convenient services, such as real-time remote diagnostics and the automatic delivery of software patches

Automotive business pressures

At automotive companies, CEOs are focused on making the most of their worldwide operations, globalizing their products and brands and changing their mix of capabilities, knowledge and assets. Automotive industry leaders are also aware of the implications of business issues like bankruptcies and mergers, th regulatory environment and litigation. During the 2012 CEO study conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value, CEOs and Public Sector leaders identified technology change as an important external force that will affect their organizations through 2015. Leveraging cloud technology will enable CEOs to respond to challenges and embrace change without making significant capital expenditures. Opportunities exist for automakers to employ cloud technologie to reduce their data center and energy footprint through virtual-ization, and at the same time, address the end of service life (EOSL) problem. A three-year-old server reaching EOSL will generally require a replacement server with less computing power because of the increased technology density of the new server. Virtualization technology is a key component of cloud computing. It can be used to move the EOSL server into a server pool on current hardware where it can reside as a virtual server. Converting multiple physical servers into virtual servers within a server pool can result in lower power and cooling consumption. Virtualization breaks the one-to-one connection between a sys-tem and the hardware upon which it runs. Virtual servers can be migrated transparently from machine to machine. As equipment reaches EOSL, new equipment can be introduced to the server pool. Then the virtual server can be migrated off the EOSL server to the new...
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