History of File Structure

Topics: Binary search tree, Self-balancing binary search tree, Hash table Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: September 22, 2013
History of File Structures
I. Early Work
• Early Work assumed that files were on tape.
• Access was sequential
– The cost of access grew in direct proportion to the size of the file.

II. The emergence of Disks and Indexes
• As files grew very large, sequential access was not a good solution. • Disks allowed for direct access.
– Indexes made it possible to keep a list of keys and pointers in a small file that could be searched very quickly. – With the key and pointer, the user had direct access to the large, primary file.

III. The emergence of Tree Structures
• Indexes also have a sequential flavor
• When they grow too much, they also become difficult to manage. • The idea of using tree structures to manage the index emerged in the early 60’s. • However, trees can grow very unevenly as records are added and deleted • Resulting in long searches requiring many disk accesses to find a record.

IV. Balanced Trees
• In 1963, researchers came up with the idea of AVL trees for data in memory. • However, AVL trees did not apply to files
• Because they work well when tree nodes are composed of single records rather than dozens or hundreds of them. • In the 1970’s came the idea of B-Trees which require an O(logkN) access time • Where N is the number of entries in the file and k is the number of entries indexed in a single block of the B-Tree structure • B-Trees can guarantee that we can find an entry among millions of others with only 3 or 4 trips to the disk.

V. Hash Tables
• Retrieving entries in 3 or 4 accesses is good
• But it does not reach the goal of accessing data with a single request. • Hashing was a good way to reach this goal with files that do not change size greatly over time. • Recently, Extendible Dynamic Hashing guarantees one or at most two disk accesses no matter how big a file becomes.
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