Introduction to Organizational Communication

Topics: Socialization, Communication, Employment Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Organizational socialization process has three stages. These stages are Anticipatory socialization, Encounter, and Metamorphosis stage. The Anticipatory Socialization stage occurs before an individual enters the organization. Throughout this process, the individual learns about working, learns more on the position and the organization. The Encounter stage is the second phase which occurs when the individual enters the organization, “point of entry,” when the employee encounters life on the job. According to Miller (p. 123), the individual relies on predispositions, past experiences, and the interpretations of others. The last stage, Metamorphosis occurs when the employee made the transition from outsider to insider. I remember my second job, but my very first real job; It was at a pharmacy and one of the pharmacists, whom I am close with, tried to make a joke and I just did not find it that amusing, or I might have but I was the newbie and very shy. He told me I had no spunk, I was very serious and that I should let loose. I said, “yes, I do” in a shy tone of voice, and he started saying later on when I get settled I will probably be annoying just as the other girls. Throughout time, he was right. And, yes I was annoying. I chattered away everyday, non-stop and always tried to keep conversation flowing. I guess for some individuals it will take time, most will settle in faster than others, but it also depends on the ambience of the environment and of the executive officials.

The job I am now was very difficult for me to settle in. I had two factors, one my mother has been employed for about 12 years, and two, my boss is fierce, well she shows that she is fierce but in reality if you are working with her she is not all that bad. The problem with my mother is that I did not want people looking and seeing me as my mother’s daughter. I was thinking what if they perceive me to be exactly like her, or they expected me to be something else just because I was my...
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