Mba Second Semester Curriculum

Topics: Monetary policy, India, Environment Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: November 20, 2012
1 Discuss how does the environment acts as a stimulant to business. Analyse why business often does little for physical environment preservation despite the fact that it is significant for business activity.
2. Analyse the Monetary and Fiscal Policies practiced in India in recent years.How far shall they be effective in curtailing the recent spurt in inflation?

3. How far does Indian corporate discharge its social responsibilities? Illustrate your answer with suitable examples

4. Do you think that the present economic environment is favourable to business? Discuss and give your suggestions.Describe the various components of external environment that influence the business policy of an organization. 5. Explain the industrial policy of Indian government and changes that happened from 1980 till date. Why is year 1991 a watershed year in the economic history of india? list and explain in detail what changes and reforms have taken place since 1991.

6.The Chief Executive of Samsung Electronics recently told its employees that, “We must begin anew. Most of Samsung’s flagship businesses and products will become obsolete within ten years.” This corporate strategy of reinvention would inevitably involve significant change for employees. Do you think that technology transfer is likely to be the biggest problem for a business that wants to reinvent itself? Justify your answer with reference to Samsung Electronics and/or other organisations that you know.

7.Mr.Subhash, an NRI of your locality seeks advice to invest his money by starting an IT based industry. Give suggestions to him regarding the investment friendly climate in Madhya Pradesh, in the light of new industrial policy of the State Government.

8. How...
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