Mega machine - technology

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Mega machine - Technology & Society

The used of technology is often disguised (ex: bob marley rolling paper, downloading platform, by saying, please do it legally, pay for it...)
(Electronicochemical) vibrator:
2 different aspects:
- Misunderstanding
- Hysteria
- Orgasm (so social camouflage)
- Medical practice
- Social Camouflage
- Official (medical)
- Private (sexual)
Technology is kind of «Piggybacking» (??)
Hydro (2000s) --> But for example Spa exist for centuries
(Doctor could say, I will not do it manualy now but with hydro (technology), so he use an old good technology (water, spa...) to produce a new one)
Electro (1885)(As the chatanooga Vibrator, designed for doctors, looks like medical used) - chocking people with electricity for medecin, can chock but still use - Electrical technology, changed «eye-readable» to «non eye-readable» for example, when your laptop in not working, you can’t fix it by yourself, you don’t «see» what happened Light Therapy (electrical technology)

Violet ray
X-Ray (Electrical technology)
Permit to look inside you, thing you couldn’t do before (doctors had to wait you to death, to open you and see)
Technology user, change ! (Ex: Doctors at the beginning, personal use after) And technology is shaped of what we want, (beauty...)
- Science, affect Technology, technology affect society - Classical frame of Technology & Society
They have effect on each other

Mega machine - Technology & Society

The Megamachine - Mumford
- Study group
- Unions
- Corp. Management
- Royal Megamachine
The first magamachine, is Pyramids.
(Humans together are a machine. Pyramids, World War II (Nazi).. These are megamachine, social organisation. Society, structured, organized, of thousands, or million people - Power is Secrecy

Megamachine /




Pyramid / End of war, fast

«City» (By the construction
of pyramid at a certain
place, they have to...
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