Sem 1 Assignment- Business Communication

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Q1.List the importance of effective communication in the workplace.

Ans:- Effective communication in the workplace means improving employee communication skills. Effective communication in the workplace is the backbone of any business. Without it, an individual could miss out on important opportunities, waste time and cause inconvenience to employees and also customers. But not everyone is a born communicator, and there is always room to improve. That's why it's important to train the staff to create effective communication in the workplace.

 Effective communication serves the following specific purposes in an organization :

1. Greater Awareness of Organizational Goals and Teamwork – When there is open communication between superiors, co-workers and subordinates, there is smooth flow of information regarding the goals of the organization. Coordination between the different departments in particular, leads to greater motivation to work together towards achieving a common organizational goal, rather than working in isolation.

2. Better Employer-employee Relationships – By listening to employees, showing empathy and giving them the freedom to express their opinions without fear of being repressed, a manager can create a climate of openness that leads to better work relationships. Employees will then feel more comfortable in approaching their superiors and discussing any matter with them.

3. Problem-solving – Effective communication can help resolve conflicts between co-workers, work related and performance related problems. Face–to-face

communication is especially suited for achieving this task, since it is one to one and highly personalized in nature.

4. Improved Performance – Effective communication by managers at the time of appraising the performance of their employees can point out areas for improvement. A constructive review of performance, through which a manager gives positive feedback and counsels the employee, instead of criticizing him for poor performance, can motivate the employee to perform better.

5. Stronger Link between Managers and the External Environment – Apart from internal communication within the organization, effective communication by managers with external audiences such as customers, government, bankers, media and suppliers leads to a better rapport with them.A manager will be able to understand the needs of his customers, be aware of the presence of quality suppliers of material, of government regulations and of the expectations of the community at large, only through proper communication.

Q.2 Explain the different aspects of non verbal communication

Ans. The different aspects of non-verbal Communications are:

1. Kinesics- This is the most often studied and Important area of non-verbal communication and refers to body movements of any kind. Different body movements can express inner states of emotion. • Facial Expressions can convey feelings of surprise, happiness, anger and sadness. • Eye Movements, such as wide open pupils express feelings of surprise, excitement or even fear. • Gesture, such as movement of the hands while giving a lecture or presentation indicates a high level of involvement in what you are saying. • Head Movements like nodding the head can convey interest, appreciation, agreement or understanding. • Body Shape and Posture- Body shape is not within one's control but can be stereotyped to convey certain meanings. • Physical Appearance- Our outward appearance, including the way we dress and the jewelery and make-up that we wear can convey an impression of formality or informality.

2. Proxemics- Proxemics is derived from the word “proximity” or closeness and is the communication term for personal space and distance. The space and distance we choose to keep from people is also part of non-verbal communication. Each of us has our own inner and...
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