SOC 3116

Topics: Sociology, Technology, Society Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Lecture 2
Learning Objectives
1.To develop a better appreciation of how much we rely on electronic technology 2.To implicate today’s actions in the technology of the future

-All of us are users of tech
-All of us have benefited from tech in one way or another
-All of us have been frustrated with technology
-We attempt to understand the critical ways that technology shapes our social reality Inattentional Blindness
-Ex. From video are we digital dummies…the clown biking around campus and many of the students were too busy with their phones to pay attention -We think we’re paying attention, imagine ourselves paying attention…but we’re not -There’s a disjuncture between us thinking we’re paying attention and imagining that creates the problem How does technology shape our social reality?

-The messaging (advertising we’re exposed to) that surrounds our use of tech in our popular society -Everyone wants to be using the latest technology
-Tremendous amount of pressure put on us to be users of technology -Little space for us to question or challenge the use of technology in our lives -Rather we’re made to think that we don’t have a choice and that we have to accept it -If we don’t accept and we’re not successful like we’re expected to be as users of technology then we blame ourselves and there is something wrong with us -Technology is not a force of nature, it is made by humans for humans -It is created, marketed, and as consumers of technology we need to adapt to it 4 reasons why it’s useful to ask questions about the role of technology in our society 1.To challenge our complacency about technology

oIt’s not a forced committed
oComplacency = uncritical acceptance
2.To improve its usefulness
oAsking questions allows us to see the things that can be improved in the technology 3.To enhance our awareness of how we use and rely upon technology 4.To get our heads outside of the box of popular messaging about technology ICTs...
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