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David Hume 1772: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, sec. 1: Of the Different Species of Philosophy. section
1-2 (p.1-2)
disctinction between two philosophies
a) moral philosophy (science of human nature): man born for action -> virtue as the most valuable, method is feeling b) man as reasonable being -> to form the understanding of oneself, dark thoughts get analyzed, method is thinking 2

3-7 (p.2-5)
what the effects of both philosohpies are and why we have to compromize both 3
8-12 (p.6-8)
a defence of the the exact philosophy: the most accurate and careful knowledge can lead to beauty and crafts and arts of all kind „The only method of freeing learning, at once, from these abstruse questions, is to enquire seriously into the nature of human understanding, and show, from an exact analysis of its powers and capacity, that it is by no means fitted for such remote and abstruse subjects.“ 4

13-14 (p.9-12)
what philosphy can do for us, what we can learn from philosophy by which the human mind is actuated in its operations 5
15-16 (p.13-14)
the conclusion of both (all) philosophies by precise philosophical thinking 6
17-18 (p.14)
forecast of the actual aim in this thesis
David Hume (1772): Eine Untersuchung über den menschlichen Verstand, hrsg. von P. Friesenhahn, Leipzig, 1893. (

David Hume(1772): An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, sec. 2: Of the Origin of Ideas. section
§ 1-3
The distinction of a)impressions (original sentiment) and b) ideas (imagination) 2
§ 4-5
What the mind can do - Ideas as copies of impressions
§ 6-7
Two pro arguments
§ 8
One contradictory phenomenon: colours
§ 9-12
The difference between impressions and ideas

David Hume(1772): An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, sec. 3: Of the Association of Ideas.
section paragraph title
1 § 1 The connect[x]ion of the
different ideas and how we
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