The Winning Edge

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The Winning Edge

JULY 2013
Info for ESA, stuff that matters!

CC-PS/NE1 visit to ESA
The month of june witnessed the visits from NE1 to the ESA department. Mr.Diedrich Mentgen, Mr.Alexander Springer visited the ESA department from 18th to 21st of June. Mr. Norman Brosig, Ms.AnneHelene Kindsvater, Mr. Denis Ludwig, Mr. Stephan Poeppel visited ESA department from 18th to 27th of June. The main activities in the visits were to have: Mangement reviews on Business and Cooperation, AB12 SW Workshops for EDR, COMM and DIAG, Team Building, EDR Task force Closure meeting and 8D reviews.

Dear All, June was a challenging month, which had couple of travels to Germany and Japan. Then, CC-PS/NE1 visited RBEI. Challenges were in multiple folds. Quality, AB10 Generation transfer and additionally continue supporting future generations like AB12 and ISU. We have a huge challenge on us to improve the quality and be efficient. So, defect reduction continue to be the major goal. AB10 Generation transfer is in its last sprint. We do have tough goals to be met, mainly reduction of defects found outside Software. During Japan visit, we brainstormed to introduce customer SPOC’s inside FT and strengthen requirements & design phase (left part of the V model). This is an important step in improving the quality. Details of these actions would be shared in group and department meeting. Feel free to contact me / GrMs for details. Looking forward for support from you in improving the Quality in Safety Software.

news Workshops held in ESA
Workshops were conducted in ESA, participated by the FRs and the teams, for the EDR, COMM, DIAG and V&V teams. Several acitivities and discussions were conducted in these sessions which included: defining training plans for the teams to improve their competency, defining the SRS template for AB12 and new AB10 projects, concluding on the AB12 architecture, defining the tooling and release procedure for modules, workshop of the DRP and AB12 testing, identify the stake holders and developement planning of modules for Coreassets and customer projects etc.

- Rajesha

news punchlines

Tata Motors visit to RBEI
Mr.Patra (Manager (Dev), Pune CVBU, Electronics–s) visited RBEI on 27th June. He met with the project managers of the function teams, appreciating the progress made for the TATA project. Software maturity plan for the different milestones were discussed. The preliminary test report from TATA was received and the results were satisfactory. TML conveyed the appreciation for this acheivement to RBEI.

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware” - Alan Kay

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Airbags milestone board unveiled in ESA
Airbags Milestone board was unvieled by Padmaja and Rajesha on 17th June. The milestone board shows the milestone planning for the key projects for an entire year. In addition, the sliders on the board depict: Quality Gates (QG1,QG2,QG3,QG4), Customer samples (A sample, B sample etc) and Internal Milestones (Requirement freeze, Software freeze, Integration, Requirement tests etc). The board aims to bring clarity and transparency of the project milestones to the function teams, thereby improving the resource allocation, prioritization of deliveries and detecting clashes in delivery times. This was presented to CC-PS/NE1 and EPS during their visit and was appreciated. Nevertheless, the challenge would be to maintain it up to date and sustain. Any ideas and feedback for improvements are most welcome.

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“ Without requirements or design, programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file. ” - Louis Srygley

ESA visit to Japan
A delegation consisting of Padmaja A R, Rajesha C, Benjamin D and Senthil Kumar visited the CC-PS team at Yokahama, Japan from 11th to 14th of June 2013. A set of very fruitful coffee table workshops were conducted to improve Quality and efficiency through the enhanced Co-operation and...
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