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During this time Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola spoke the oration on the dignity of men, which he would call into question the primacy of the human creature. He said that god gave the man the ability to choose his own destiny and perspective on how to view life and everything else around him. He determined that this would distinguish the man from all other beings. He wanted to show men the truth in what he believed in and that all men are free. We all have the choice in what we can do and that’s what makes us different from everything else; we are free to decide what we want to do and the path we want to take in life. he wanted to tell people that you decide your future and what you want to be and how go has the power and angels then humans in the world.

Pico sought to show how man is great and can reach excellence through his own effort, which was a radical change in belief compared to the Augustinian view of humanity. They believed humans couldn’t achieve anything through their own and incapable of doing anything or becoming great, the worst part is they believed if you tried they thought it was sinful and disrespectful. Pico attempted to make humans capable of the amazing things they could actually do to reach excellence. Free will was the specific part of his work trying to show people the amazing talent humans have given to them by God, out of all his creations only man have the ability.

He states, “The nature of all other beings is limited and constrained within the bounds of laws prescribed by us.”
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