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Technology and Society
Has technology had a positive or negative affect towards society?
Technology is a part of our everyday life. Almost everybody in our society uses technology. For example, it can either be your computer, phone, game console, iPod, television, and many more other devices. However, technology has had a lot of positive affects in the world, and it has also had many negative effects in the world. One example of how technology has had a positive effect in our society would be shown by the usage of your cell phone. The cell phone has helped had a positive effect in society by helping people communicate in a faster way. Instead of emailing somebody and waiting for a long reply, you can just text somebody and get a faster reply in a few seconds. Another way that technology has had a positive effect on society is described by the way people use the computer. You can use the computer to find out information by just typing it in on Google and finding out what you need instantly. One example of how technology has had a negative effect on our society would be shown by social media. Technology has had a negative effect on society through social media by causing people to get fired from their jobs, due to the fact of what they post up or write on their account. As you can see, those are a few examples of how technology has had some positive and negative effects in people’s everyday lives.

Technology has increased over 18,000 times from 1971 to 2000. “Many people around the world has described the Internet to be a global equalizer. The reason that people around the world describe the Internet as a global equalizer is because the Internet provides a store of information to anybody who has access to the Internet all over the world” (4). These people around the world claim that the information that technology can provide benefits of a large city to other countries and rural communities around the entire world. Which is an example of why technology has had a much more of a positive effect than a negative effect on society.

Science and technology has also had a grand effect on society. Science and technology both show how communication and knowledge have been increased in today’s world. It has shown a positive effect in society by an improving access to information, advancing medicine, and improving sanitation. Everyday new advances in science and technology are discovered and continue to be a big benefit to society.

Technology has proved to be a positive and very effective throughout the twentieth century. In this century it has been shown by people being able to access information about varies subjects through the internet. By news being so readily available online it brought to light many important issues, like “this century made racism a shameful practice; recognized gender oppression as a social evil; proclaimed human rights as transcending race, caste, and religion; pleased for international economic justice; began to celebrate diversity and to care for the disabled; and condemned exploitation of the young” (23). This is one major example of how technology has impacted society in a positive way. Ojeda, Auriana. Technology and Society: Opposing Viewpoints. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven, 2002.

Another way technology and science benefited our communities and lives would be computers. Computers have become a household appliance. Computers have had an impact on society in a positive way because they play a big part of how technology is used. For example, the computer has transformed civilization. It also serves as a device where it can store and organize a lot of information. Also, the computer has many functions. You can transfer files, download, and upload files at a faster pace, which can save you a lot of time. “They not only think and follow commands but can make decisions, draw, design, scan labels, automate industries, calculate, translate, communicate,...

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