Activity Based Costing

Topics: Monetary policy, Federal Reserve System, Regression analysis Pages: 5 (1307 words) Published: January 11, 2013
University of Essex ESSEX BUSINESS SCHOOL Session 2009/2010

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(Empirical Methods in Finance)

The assessment for BE953 is by this coursework and a Final Examination. This piece of coursework is worth 50% of the overall assessment of BE953. The requirements for this coursework are as follows:

The coursework consists of data manipulation, analysis and interpretation. Although you may discuss the project with others, the coursework must be written up individually. You may receive reduced or no marks if there are strong similarities between the work handed in by two or more people. All questions are to be answered. The word count of the project must be printed on the first page of the coursework. The maximum word count is 2000. The project should be double spaced and word processed. Your project should include a title page and a bibliography, which includes the full reference for all articles, books and other sources you have cited in the body of the text. The bibliography (and any footnotes) need not be included in the word count. EViews output should NOT be pasted directly into the project. You should present your EViews equation estimation output as it would be in published academic papers. (Look at some papers – sometimes output is in Tables, sometimes as estimated equations with s.e.s/t stats/p-values in brackets under the corresponding coefficient, together with appropriate diagnostic statistics and their p-values). Note that your coursework is to be submitted via Online Coursework Submission (OCS). The coursework should be uploaded to OCS by 23:59:59 on Thursday 28 January 2010 (Week 17). You will be offered the choice of printing off a watermarked copy (the watermark on the spine shows the lecturer, amongst other things, and the time of submission to the OCS). You should

• •

print off ONE watermarked copy and submit this to the Graduate Administrator (Room 5N.5.6) by 4.00 p.m. on Friday 29th January, 2010. The printed copy will be marked and returned to you within 4 weeks. • More information concerning late submission of coursework or absence from in-class tests, can be found here:

YOU MUST READ THE INFORMATION WHICH FOLLOWS: In submitting coursework online it must be assumed that you have read and understood the following guidelines about plagiarism. Furthermore in doing so you are agreeing to your work being monitored by the JISC Plagiarism Detection System if a lecturer should deem it necessary to do so. University Regulation 6.12 & 6.13 states that 6.12(a) It is an academic offence for a student to cheat in any examination, or in any other submitted part of his or her University work, whether or not such work is formally assessed. "To cheat" includes: (i) to copy the work of another candidate or otherwise communicate with another candidate in an examination; (ii) to introduce any written, printed or electronically-stored information into an examination, other than material expressly permitted in the instructions for that examination; (iii) to use the work of others (whether in written, printed or some other form) without acknowledgement, where a judgement is made that the work has been the result of serious negligence or of intention to deceive; (iv) to repeat work previously submitted for a different assessed assignment without full acknowledgement of the extent to which that previous work has been used. (b) It is an academic offence for a student knowingly to assist another student to cheat in any examination, or in any other piece of work, the mark for which will count either towards the student's result for the year, or towards his or her final degree classification. (c) Allegations of academic offences involving cheating shall be dealt with in accordance with the Progress Procedures as determined...
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