Advances in Technology and Medicine: From Fiction to Reality

Topics: Human, Science, Childbirth Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: December 8, 2013
or thousands of years, human beings take a leak roamed the Earths surface, adapting to their environments while natural selection determined those family lines that would continue and those that did not. Since then, technology and medical advances have allowed humans to sleep with longer, fuller lives where nature would otherwise have prohibited life. tout ensemble through those years, mothers and fathers have excitedly awaited the arrival of a newborn child and wondered what they would look like, would it be a son or a girl, and would they be healthy? Since then, advances in technology and medicine have allowed us to answer these questions before a child is born. This alone is remarkcapable, but the science did not devastation with these advancements. Just fifty?? years ago, great authors like fustian blah and blah blah conceived a world in which humans could control what was previously only thought to be controlled by God and luck. Since 19?? a fascinating ideal from science fiction stories has become a reality in the world we live.

Genetics have been studied for years, but the scratch major breakthroughs in understanding how our DNA controls specific attributes of an individual did not occur until the 1953s… Most recently, along with advances in fullness options, we have advanced to be able to use our association of DNA to engineer what have commonly been called Designer Babies. With the cogency to design babies, we could conceivably reduce if not eliminate births of children with familial defects or even genetic predispositions to certain medical conditions. plot of land this is again a remarkable breakthrough, ethical boundaries are being tested as we are not only able to address health concerns with designer babies, but also we washbasin select the gender and we are again on the rim of scientific and technological breakthroughs into being able...
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