after 20 years

Topics: Technology, Robotics, Robot Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: September 20, 2014
 Journal #3 -After 20 Years Srinivasa Rao Paturi 901754103 Section: 160-10 In twenty years from now the world hits significant progress in technological advances. Engineers play major role in this advance of technology. They invent artificial intelligence through which every machine works. These artificial brain will be good to the point that all the humans believe in virtual reality. For example, (a) Innovation of robotics is major one and it advance the future much. Certainly majority of the products will be delivered are going to be made my robots. Everything product which was made by the robot can be alter by the human. The human security will be replaced by this robots. Then the risk of the human life comes down. By using this machines work will be done in accurate time and can be delivered without any delay. (b) Introduction of 3D printing is very useful in making 3D objects. Anyone can made any object and can be used for their purpose. Even very tiny objects can also be made by this 3D printing machine. By this machine the time can be saved and the objects made by machine can be seen like human made. (c) Communication systems also develops, Transfer of information will be made easy and accurate. Tracking and surveillance also advances and then the security can become stronger. As technical student I feel more proud in having an opportunity to work for the development of technology. I would work for globalized IT Company and take part in technology development. I will...
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