Ampalaya Seeds as Coffee

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Banana Peeling as Pain reliever,etc.

An extract composition derived from the peel of a banana and the method for producing the extract composition. An aqueous solvent is combined with the peel of a banana. If the banana is unripe, a base is also added. The mixture is homogenized and allowed to react at least until a black supernatant appears. The entire slurry is filtered. The resulting extract is used alone or combined with a cream or ointment. Medicinal benefits of the extract include relief from pain, swelling, itching, bruising, wrinkles, and sunburn. Banana peels, Conductive Silver Headache Bands, and Biotape will help the body connect the broken circuits that are the underlying cause of pain. Whenever or wherever you hurt, apply the inside of banana peel held in place with tape or an ace bandage. It will amaze you how much it helps. -- Darrell Stoddard

Organic Matter
* Organic matter is the peel's principal constituent. Proteins account for 0.9 percent by weight of the peel, lipids are 1.7 percent, carbohydrates are 59.1 percent and crude fiber is 31.7 percent. This composition makes the peel a good animal feedstock. Minerals

* Potassium is the mineral with the highest concentration, comprising 0.078 percent by weight of the peel, according to studies by Nigerian scientists. Potassium regulates body fluids and blood pressure. Manganese has a slightly lower concentration in the peel, with 0.076 percent. This mineral aids bone and cartilage formation. The calcium concentration is 0.019 percent, sodium is 0.024 percent and iron is 0.00061 percent. The presence of trace amounts of phosphorus together with the potassium make banana peels an excellent garden fertilizer. Carbon

* When heated, the organic content of banana peels breaks down to its constituent carbon and gases to produce banana charcoal. The product originated in Uganda to substitute dwindling wood supplies as a cooking fuel. Pectin

* Pectin is a gelling agent used in jam...
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