An Example of the Socratic Method

Topics: Socrates, Socratic method, Philosophy Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: June 22, 2014
An example of Socratic Method:

In Plato’s The Republic we come to ponder the question of justice. Just exactly where in the dialogue does Socrates win over the debate with Thrasymachus and gain the support of the bystanders? This is very open-ended and opinionated question, but there are parts of the dialogue in which rises to a climax and then falls. As you read on I express in my best words where I feel Socrates took control of this debate over what justice is.

There is no doubt a lot going on in this dialogue and much back-and-forth between individuals. In that respect it is not easy to pin-point an exact location of where the tides turn in favor of Socrates. From my own perspective of reading this part of The Republic I feel Socrates takes the debate on justice at 342e. Why do I think this? Well, looking at the before and after of this part it presents to me the climax of the debate between them. Up to this point Socrates is following along with the idea of relating the different professions to arts since Thrasymachus thought he was witty to say Socrates did not know the shepherd from the sheep. It is at this point in which I feel Thrasymachus cannot save himself and his stance any longer.

Let’s take a look at the build up to the climax; what has taken place before this to support it as the climax of the debate. Thrasymachus previous to this is trying to defend his position by saying that the unjust fairs off better than the just. I feel that this dialogue that he has given just completely goes off track of the topic. He tries to give a good punch with words, but instead he starts talking about this trying to recover from just being told by off by Socrates and agreeing with everything he said previously, because he knows Socrates has put him in a corner at this point. How does he expect to rebound and make a comeback to defend his position like that? He can’t so he moves completely away from it and attempts to make Socrates seem fallible with the...
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