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Topics: Automotive industry, Volkswagen Group, Suzuki Pages: 39 (11812 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
New Delhi

Customer Purchase Behavior & Perception in Small Car Segment

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Rahul Bammi
S. Auditya
Umang Gupta

Customer Purchase Behavior & Perception in Small Car Segment

Customer Purchase Behavior & Perception in Small Car Segment

table of contents
Executive Summary5
Statement of the Problem7
Scope of the Study9
Introduction To Consumer Behavior And Perception12
Rationale and Significance Of The Study14
Research Methodology16
Secondary Research19
Maruti Suzuki Case Study30
Other Developments:-32
Primary Findings36
Recommendations and Suggestions47
Scope And Limitations51

Having completing the project, “A Study of the Consumer Behavior” in the Small Cars Segment in India; which was the first of its kind that we have done, we feel a great sense of achievement. Each junction of this endeavor has been a learning experience for us and has enriched our knowledge in the field of market research. For the above we offer our heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Neha who left no stone unturned in her arduous task of shading light in the field of Business Communication. To conclude we also thank all those who have anyways been instrumental in helping us attain our goal and making our curriculum a truly fruitful one.

Rahul Bammi
S. Auditya
Umang Gupta

Executive Summary

The group having completed the task of evaluating the Consumer Behaviour of Small Car Buyers in India hereby summarizes the entire study. The objectives before the investigating team were broadly categorized into nine broad heads each thought to be instrumental when a prospective small car buyer goes out to purchase a car.

However the group from a very stage in the study learnt that that the automobile industry of India has been on the boom in the recent years. The industry has seen top-notch car manufacturers fight it out to sell their product before an ever insatiable consumer base in India. The country has also seen global auto giants make forays into the country makes India the most lucrative market for automobiles the world over.

Amongst this massive rumble of car manufacturers their keenly formulated production, marketing and selling strategies it’s the customers who have the last laugh. The majority Indian customers have been found to be pronouncedly price sensitive and demand the maximum value for whatever money they shell out. Thus, car makers are faced with the dilemma of catering to the small car buyers, which happens to be the largest segment in terms of volumes, keeping in mind that a small car is small only in price and size but in no way lacking in features or other state of the art add ons.

The consumers of small cars as found by the study comprised mainly of the middle class and the upper middle class buyers. This section of the society, as found by the study through questionnaires and secondary research, seeks not only the aforementioned specifications but also convenience when it comes to channels of distribution, and post sale services along with what has now become one of the cardinal factor influencing car purchase i.e.easy car financing availability.

The study though confined to Delhi amply portrayed the face of things in the country. Keeping the above factors in mind Maruti Suzuki Limited has understood the Indian economically attuned mindset better placed itself on top of the roost, with one standout factor being the fuel economy of all its cars. Even though its best seller the Alto has come into stiff competition from both Tata and Hyundai, the company to be beaten on grounds of reliability, service networks and economy of running and maintaining, would take some doing. To sum up the Indian customer want it all, and with the competition brimming and...
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