Analyzing the Marketing Environment

Topics: Automobile, Automotive industry, Mobile phone Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: May 22, 2013
W1A3 Analyzing the Marketing Environment

Ronald D. Rooker Sr

May 8, 2013

Introduction to Marketing | MKT2010

Instructor: Thomas Harper

South University Online

One of the current most talked about microenvironments is technology. The rapid changes in the world of technology as we know it keeps people guessing and waiting for the next new breakthroughs. In the auto market with gasoline, prices increasing almost by the minute smaller more fuel-efficient cars are in. In the world of communication, new high tech phones and data devices are what sell’s. The faster the device is or the larger the screen and more compact it is the faster people buy them. With today’s changes in technology, the sky is the limit. If it can be imagined it can be made. As the demand for more advanced high tech products hits the market, the demand grows even larger.

Companies that manufacture such products have planned the next generation of each new product to keep the demand for these gadgets by advertising newer and better features. Last year’s model may still be stored in a warehouse somewhere and this year’s model is being, advertised to hit the market in a matter of months. By saturating, the market with a particular product prompts the techno junkies to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on that new model of cell phone computer or IPOD. Corporations depend on this so they promote sales to clear out warehouse to make room for the next big thing.

In the auto world as the demand for smarter more technology advanced vehicles are, advertised the greater the demand is by the consumers. More people want the latest and greatest additions specifically young single people who work multiple jobs and need a vehicle that will give them 40 gallons to the mile or 500 hundred miles per tank. Young married couples are not to, be left out of the equation either. As we see advertised on TV the young couple with one or two children and a dog help...
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