Ancient Greece Contributions Dbq

Topics: Philosophy, Thought, Reason Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: February 26, 2012
Socrates and Aristotle were both Greek philosophers who contributed philosophies. Socrates believed that all people contained real knowledge within them and that self critical examination was needed to bring this knowledge out. Socrates once stated, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” In this philosophical idea, Socrates is suggesting that an individual, who chooses to not think about their own actions, does not truly care about their own life. Aristotle believed in the concept of examining individual objects and being able to perceive their form and establish universal principles. These principles did not exist as a separate higher world of reality beyond material things, but were apart of things themselves. Aristotle has stated, “Since human reason is the most godlike part of human nature, a life guided by human reason is superior to any other….For man, this is the life of reason, since the faculty of reason is the distinguishing characteristic of human beings.” Aristotle is suggesting that an individual who logically thinks about their actions before acting on them, are more superior than those who act without thinking because thinking before acting causes less harm and it shows a person who cares for both themselves and others. These philosophical ideas about self examination on thoughts and actions have come a long way. All individuals think in new and advanced ways and frequently think about both consequences and benefits before acting upon ideas.

Greek dramas and the Olympics have contributed to the different forms of entertainment. Greek plays were originally either tragic or comedic. Greek plays were universally themed. They were based on problems such as the conflict between spiritual values and the demands of the state or family, the nature of good and evil, the rights of the individual, the nature of divine forces, and the nature of human beings. Greek comedies made fun of politicians and intellectuals. Greek dramas also taught...
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