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Ancient Greek philosophy arouse in the 6th century BCE, some claim that Greek Philosophy was influenced by the older wisdom literature and mythological cosmogonies of the Ancient Greek Near East. Greeks had confidence in the power of the mind Greeks used observation and reason to determine why things happened, they opened up a new way of looking at human existence. During the time of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle it was a crime to investigate the things above the heavens and below the Earth. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were well known philosophers. Their research contributed to modern science and the development of Western political thought.

Socrates, born in 5th century BCE, makes a watershed in Ancient Greek philosophy. Although Socrates never wrote a book he would roam about the marketplace questioning his fellow citizens about their beliefs he would commonly asking “What is the greatest good”. Socrates felt that examining the implication of an answer helped others seek truth and self knowledge. Most of what we know about him comes from his former student Plato. Some claim that Socrates had no particular set of beliefs, and sought only to examine. The lengthy theories he gives in the Republic are considered to be the thoughts of Plato. Socrates enemies accused him of corrupting the city’s youth and failing to respect the gods. At the age of 70 he was put on trial, standing before 501 citizens he offered a calm defense but was sentenced to death. According to Plato, Socrates never tried to escape because he was loyal to his belief of the democratic system and to the citizens of Athen. Accepting the death penalty, Socrates drank a deadly poison called hemlock.

Plato was born into a wealthy Athenian family and planned to become a politician. As he grew older, he soon became a student of Socrates, after the execution of Socrates Plato was left with a deep distrust of democracy he rejected Athenian Democracy...
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