Are We the Prisoners of the Progress/Technology in Our Country?

Topics: Technology, Science, Society Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: April 29, 2013
In general terms, technology is a point of view that produces solutions to the problems about the world. Also, it is a process that moving very fast to meet people’s needs in daily life. In today’s world, technology expand so much that we became a part of the technology, but I think that being a part of the technological progress should not be considered as we are the prisoners of the progress. Yet, there are some objections to that. In other words, some people think that the popularist culture and the capitalist system make people over-consumpt and be exposed to the technological devices in vain, and this make us addicted or the prisoners of the progress. Trend addiction is the first reason why we are the prisoners of the technology. In today’s world, People live fast, trends change fast, and it is possible to see almost all people try to have everything without looking in their hands. Every day, many technological products are produced and published such as smart phones, computers, and games, and it brings about to form an irresistible desire to possess all of them with little prices. About this topic, Fisherman (2012) stated how we think and behave when we shopping and buying everything as an addicted people: ‘’when stuff is so inexpensive, you don’t have to think that hard about whether to buy it. ‘Do I really want to the blender? Do I really need those blue jeans? Whatever, the jeans are just twelve dollars. Let’s just buy it.’ The prices of many things have come down below the level where you don’t have to even think about whether to buy it.’’ (As cited in Christopher, 2012, para.2) Being harmful to the people’s health is the second reason why there negative thoughts about technology. Since the technology have occupied a very important space in our lives, we had to overcome with diseases more. We can manage our daily businesses via our phones from the Internet at home without spending...

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