As Plato Once Said “Philosophy Begins in Wonder”. Plato Was Part of a Triad of Great Thinkers Who Had in Common a Student - Teacher Relationship Built on Questioning and Discussion Rather Than Memorization and

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What makes a civilization great? It depends on the tools, the laws, class structures, religions, and government. However, it also depends on the way an individual thinks and how their way of thinking could contribute to improving society. In ancient Greece, there lived three great men named Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. These men were the first and still the greatest philosophers of all time. They questioned people's way of life and even the meaning of life itself. The teaching of philosophy would help shape Western civilization into the greatness that it would become. Three men, three different ways of thinking, but they all shared one common thing: their love for philosophy.

These three intellectuals had very different lives, yet eventually, their paths would cross. Socrates was born poor to the city of Athens, Greece. He worked as a stone carver and married at age 13. Socrates believed in living for the present not living for the future. He believed in the superiority of argument over writing, therefore he never wrote anything down. Socrates spent most of his time socializing in argument and dialogue in marketplaces and public areas. There in the Agora, he would meet Plato and enlighten him These men greatly influenced the Western world. Socrates, the father of Western philosophical thought, left behind the Socratic method. It is critical to science and is taught by questioning. He focused more on the soul instead of science. Socrates influence Plato and let him take notes on his thoughts. Plato, Greek's best writer, believes in reincarnation, unlike most people in Greece. Aristotle, the logical philosopher out of the three, was unlike Plato passing on the works of his teacher. Instead, he denounced Plato and destroyed most of his work. Aristotle was the world's first biologist. Many of his findings are still used today. He classified plants and animals and came up with the physics theory. Teaching Alexander the Great helped spread philosophic...
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