Aspect of Modern Technology

Topics: Technology, Sociology, Science Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Aspect of Modern Technology on Our Society
Tapan Roy
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

What a great discover of modern technology! Modern technology has astonishment effect in our society. Our life will not fulfill without modern technology, and we cannot stay a single moment without it. Although, technology has produced an enormous number of benefits for mankind, it has been responsible for a number of pernicious effects as well. In fact, communication is the main part of any relationship and friendship in our society. More technology is placing barriers between communications of person to person, face to face meetings. The young generation is lacking proper communication skills due to the fact that they spend most of their time on computer instead of interacting with people. People are getting addicted of various social network like twitter, face-book, high 5, pal-talk, etc . Today’s most of the people are just using cellphone for their communication. Not having of proper communication can cause lonely, lack of motivation of any students, making unconscious person. Also, the lack of interrelationship is increasing and, people are becoming unfriendly. In addition, our human body and social environment are being huge affected by modern technology. Since the industrial revolution, society has become more and more dependent on technology. We sometimes lack the willingness to think before we act. People are becoming lazier, choosing to stay at home and play video games than go to a basketball game or get together with friends. All of our society people are doing the same thing day after days, and we are more focusing on obesity for not doing any exercise outside of our house. Not only modern technology effects our physical body but also it is effecting our social environment. New technologies are used in our land for producing more agriculture. A great deal of medicine,

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