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Using working example or the case the study indentify the purposes of different types of organisation. What is an Organisation
An organisation is: 'a social arrangement which pursues collective goals, which controls its own Performance and which has a boundary separating it from its environment'. * Here are some examples of organisations.

* A multinational car manufacturer (e.g. Ford)
* A local authority
* An accountancy firm (e.g. Ernst and Young)
* A trade union (e.g. Unison)
* A charity (e.g. Oxfam)
* An army
What are the Purposes of Different Type of Organisation?
There are some common purposes of different organisations in the field of business which can be explained and described as under; * Manufacturing and Selling
* Purchase and Sale
* Retail Stores
* Departmental Stores
* Services such as banks and insurance, auto garage, etc
* Oil and mineral extraction
* Fishing industry
* Live stock farming
* Agro based
Using an example of your choice illustrate how an organisation meets the objectives of different stakeholders. Organizations exist because of their ability to create valued goods and services and which yield acceptable outcomes for various groups of stakeholders, people who have an interest, claim, or stake in the organization, in what it does, and in how well it performs. Aims and objectives establish where the business would like to be in the future, helping to control their plans, motivate staff and give everyone a sense of direction. Any decision made within the organisation should be in line with their aims and objectives. The objectives are influence by various stakeholders, as well as the nature of the business. Importance of Objectives:

 Sense of direction
 Purpose and unity within the organisation
 Foundation for decision-making
 Encourage strategic thinking
 Basis for measuring and controlling performance

Different stakeholder groups will have different objectives to suit their interests. Objectives can be:
 Corporate, which affect the whole business
 Departmental objectives that are for a certain area of the business  Individual objectives are used in performance appraisal for employees.

Using the case study, explain the responsibilities of an organisation and the strategies employed to meet them.

Corporate Social Responsibilities is when businesses act morally towards stakeholders, boosting their reputation. This Should only be done if it is in the firm’s best interests, as there are many costs involved. Free-Market Attitude – this is the attitude towards CSR that such social issues are the Responsibility of governments, not businesses. They instead make profit, pay tax and Provide employment only.

Altruistic Attitude – this is the attitude that businesses should always seek to give back to Society simply out of humanitarianism and unselfishness. Strategic Attitude – this is the attitude that businesses should be socially responsible if it will benefit them and will bring profit and growth. An additional difficulty is that cultural difference lead to different expectations, and thus what some may see as good practice, others may not find acceptable.

The responsibility of an organisation is to serve. Every company, business, department has a duty and remit to provide a service.  An organisation must operate within the boundaries of the law. Reputation and trust are everything, and a consumer can’t have trust or faith in your ability to deliver if you can’t prove and guarantee you’re legitimacy. An organisation must also have strict financial control. Taking a gamble is acceptable but sloppy mathematics in a budget isn’t. Inadequate financial management is more likely than not going to result in bankruptcy and closure, losing investors a hefty sum of money. Recruitment is vitally important. You need reliable workers who have enthusiasm but also intelligence; workers that are able to...
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