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总部设在英国西萨塞克斯郡的汽车制造商劳斯莱斯拥有豪华轿车领域全球排名榜首的奢侈品牌,该公司1月初宣布去年销售业绩创下自1904年造出第一辆汽车以来的最高纪录。数据显示,去年该公司全球范围共售出3538辆汽车,比上一年增长了31%。其中,中国市场销量强劲增长是主要推动力。劳斯莱斯去年在中国销量超过1000辆,大幅增长67%,令中国市场首次超过美国成为劳斯莱斯最大的市场。为了更好满足中国消费者需求,该公司计划在2012年(中国农历龙年)为中国市场量身打造一款“龙版幻影”。这款车在座椅头部饰有手绣的“龙图腾”,售价高达160万美元。   除了劳斯劳斯,另一个顶级奢侈汽车品牌宾利也感受到了中国市场的力量。去年宾利全球销量7003辆,而中国是宾利仅次于美国的全球第二大市场,去年宾利在中国的销量大涨95%,达1839辆。为了进一步拓展中国市场,宾利总裁兼首席执行官沃尔夫冈·迪海默说:“我认为随着进一步发展,中国很可能在2012年超越美国,成为宾利第一大市场。”他说,鉴于中国运动型多用途车(SUV)市场表现越来越好,宾利计划在中期推出高端SUV车型。同时,宾利还将升级个性化服务,为中国客户量身定制个性化汽车。 The automotive industry is one of the most important industries in the manufacturing sector in Malaysia. Comparing with other manufacturing industries, the automotive industry is a promising one and contributes boosting and evolving economic and industrialization processes which leads Malaysia to change into a developed country in the foreseeable future.

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Number of firms competing
Small number
Nature of the product
Undifferentiated or differentiated
Many barriers
Information availability
Firm’s control over price
An oligopolistic market is the one which is dominated by some large suppliers. Homogeneous products, mutual interdependence, few large producers and high entry barriers are oligopoly characteristics prevalent in such markets. The three most import characteristics of oligopoly include: Industry dominance by few large firms

Products sold by these firms are either differentiated or identical in nature Various entry barriers depending upon the industry
‘Few large firms’ is a very crucial oligopoly characteristics which states that these markets include few large firms which are dominant in existence, and each of these firms is comparatively larger than the market size. This particular oligopoly characteristic ensures that all these large firms have a fair amount of market control. The automobile industry is a very good example of an oligopolistic market. There are a few car manufacturers in the market across the world as against the demand for millions of cars every day. The dominant car manufacturers include General Motors, Honda, Chrysler, Toyota and Ford, to name a few. The automobile industry in an oligopolistic market is a Differentiate Product Oligopoly where the products manufactured are for personal consumption as consumers need a variety of products since they have different needs and wants. In Malaysia, the national automobile industry is dominated by the country’s two leading manufacturers, namely PROTON and PERODUA. PROTON is 42% owned by the Government. Rising car sales in 2010 has pushed up production in all car assemblers in Malaysia except for the national car maker, PROTON. PROTON’s market share has reached 80% at its peak but now it has lost its market share to local and foreign competitors from 60% of the domestic passenger car market in 2001 to 26% for year 2010. Proton’s brand value has also dropped from RM239 million in 2007 (rank 19) to RM150 million in 2008 (rank 23). It was revealed in November 2009 that Proton’s ranking has dropped from Malaysia’s 30 Most Valuable Brand (MMVB) ranking. It was reported in the newspapers that PROTON is only operating at half of its capacity. PROTON Shah Alam was operating at 54% while PROTON Tanjung Malim is at 42%. The combined installed capacity production for PROTON’s two plants is 350,000 units per year and PERODUA 250,000 per year that is about 48.7% and 79% respectively, accounting for about 61%, more than half of the total industry output. As reported by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), UMW Toyota Motor Subsidiary, Assembly Services, was operating at 215 per cent production capacity, Honda at 212 per cent, Tan Chong Motors at 143 per cent, and PERODUA at 164 per cent. [i] For years, both PROTON and PERODUA have led charmed lives as national car companies, indulged by...
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