Audi A6 A market survey-China

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A Brief Introduction:-
In China, all the cars seen are the German brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. But now the US, British car manufacturers are trying to break the tie and spend billions of dollars on the Chinese factories. The Chinese have a strong desire for the German brands as per the experts, but choosing a single brand is relatively low but it is providing a market for the newcomers in the Automobile Industry. Chinese consumers penchant for upgrading also means buyers are frequently considering their next purchase. In last year come big companies like Jaguar and Volvo made detailed plans on spending billions of dollars on the factories in China which will suddenly give a rise to the luxury brand cars in the next few weeks. Audi A6L was launched in 2000 in China and is still one of the most leading cars in the market. There are 5 models of A6L in China today according to the different specifications and other features. Other than BMW, Mercedes, luxury cars like Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo are the main competitors for Audi in China. First, the Audi A6 sedan marketing situation analysis of FAW-Volkswagen Audi A6 sedan into the Chinese market, with its distinguished "official car" image, from 1998 to 2006, the sales reached 400,000. However, with the incremental impact of strengthening competition in the market and market trends slowdown, the Audi A6 sedan problem in marketing is gradually revealed.

   In marketing terms, the Audi A6 sedan network promotion depth, breadth lags behind its competitors, in the form of Internet (viral) marketing is relatively simple, personalized orders promotion model, there are many drawbacks operational level, to develop in depth there are certain difficulties. The new entrants will share the material market with them. Audi is regarded as the top of luxury car brands as their original power and use them as their intellectual property that’s the reason why they will price much higher than the new entrants. But for customers, it’s the determining factor whether they go for Audi or any other entrant in the market. Plus if the new entrants use some impressive promotional and advertising means they will gain a part of market share as well.   The Audi A6 sedan competitor analysis from the level of the car, the price, the share market share of sales analysis, the core of the Audi A6 sedan competitors are the BMW 3 and 5 Series and Mercedes E-CLASS. From the consumer's actual sales and market orientation to analyze the situation, vehicle size, engine displacement, design, performance, service, brand image, and cost and other aspects of the Audi A6 models A6L upgrade belong to a grade, a potential rival Audi A6 sedan.

The luxury car brand recognition, product configuration updates market reaction speed and vehicle upgrades are a disadvantage. China offers a lot of good local talent, the image of the Audi luxury car popular in China, BMW, Mercedes-Benz is a non positive factors create the conditions to win the market Audi Japanese cars Crown and Lexus sales will tense political relations with the emergence of decline; threats are: manufacturers will shift to competitive pressures reseller channel, BMW and Mercedes-Benz marketing strategy in China, more and more competitors enter the luxury car market. The users of Audi A6 sedans like the Audi represents unassuming brand image. Audi brand connotation of both rational passions there, never pompous and extravagant personality to attract its target audience is a big demand. With the Audi A6L upgrade opportunities, brand re-positioning models, adding dynamism in its brand image, the active element, Audi further expanded to cover the consumer group, the target market in a successful career without publicity, aggressive and full of vitality taste , has a certain social status, economic prosperity, with consumer confidence and creativity. Analyses of the environment using tools such as SWOT...
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