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On the Road: U.S. Automotive Parts Industry Annual Assessment


Office of Transportation and Machinery U.S. Department of Commerce 2011

Table of Contents Tables and Charts Index Executive Summary Introduction Automotive Parts Sector Definitions Overview of Market Conditions Economic Indicators

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Automotive Parts Markets
Original Equipment Aftermarket Remanufacturing

Employment Trends Leading Industry Stories
Visteon Bankruptcy Comes to an End

Other Industry Developments
Counterfeiting Alternative Fuels Advanced Technologies In-Vehicle Electronics, Engineering, Safety, and New Technologies

International Developments and Trade
China Japan South Korea

Conclusion Fact Sheet Appendix 1: Automotive Parts Product Listings

International Trade Administration/Manufacturing and Services/Office of Transportation and Machinery

Tables and Charts Table 1: Statistics for All U.S. Manufacturing Establishments Table 2: Statistics for U.S. Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing, NAICS 336211 and 3363 Table 3: U.S. Exports of Automotive Parts Table 4: Total World Original Equipment Parts Market Table 5: U.S. Original Equipment and Aftermarket Parts Market Table 6: Aftermarket Dollar Volume Table 7: Top 10 Global OE Suppliers Table 8: Top 10 North American OE Suppliers Table 9: Top 20 Auto Parts Exporting Countries Table 10: Employment in the U.S. Automotive Parts Industry, Bureau of Labor Statistics Table 11: Employment in the U.S. Automotive Parts Industry, Annual Survey of Manufacturers Table 12: Acquisitions of U.S. Automotive Parts Companies (SIC 3714) Table 13: Automotive Parts Exports, 2000-2010 Table 14: Automotive Parts Imports, 2000-2010 Table 15: Automotive Parts Trade Balance, 2000-2010 Chart 1: GDP, Manufacturing Shipments, and Auto Parts Shipments Chart 2: GDP and Light Vehicle Aftermarket Chart 3: OE and Aftermarket, 2000-2007 Chart 4: (Intentionally Blank) Chart 5: U.S. Manufacturing and Automotive Parts Employment, 2000-2010 Chart 6: U.S. Motor Vehicle Parts Employment, Jan. 1999-Dec. 2010 Chart 7: U.S. Automotive Employment, Jan. 1999-Dec. 2010 Chart 8: U.S. Automotive Parts Trade, 2001-2010 Chart 9: Auto Parts Trade Deficit, 2001-2010 Chart 10: Auto Parts Exports, 2001-2010 Chart 11: Auto Parts Imports, 2001-2010 Chart 12: U.S.-China Auto Parts Trade, 1993-2010 Chart 13: U.S. Auto Parts Trade Deficit with Selected Asian Countries, 2001-2010

International Trade Administration/Manufacturing and Services/Office of Transportation and Machinery

Executive Summary
Domestic Trends There has been a rebound in the automotive industry since 2010. However, the U.S. economy remains weak. Automotive parts suppliers had experienced heavy debt and overcapacity aggravated by production cuts by automakers, especially the Detroit 3 (Ford Motor Company [Ford], General Motors [GM], and Chrysler). Industry analysts reported that over 50 suppliers filed for Chapter 11 protection in 2009 and up to 200 suppliers were liquidated. The number of bankruptcies in the automotive parts industry leveled off in 2010, but the next couple years will remain difficult for some suppliers. Suppliers managed to survive 2009 and 2010 by rationalizing capacity and production. In previous years, the industry breakeven point was typically estimated to be 10.5 million units in North America, but given their resourcefulness in times of duress, suppliers were able to get the breakeven point down to 9.5 million units toward the end of 2009. In fact, some leaner, more efficient suppliers actually saw a small profit in 2009. However, as vehicle sales rebounded in 2010 to 11.5 million units, the pressure on suppliers from automakers for price cuts also returned just as suppliers started to become profitable again. The entire automotive industry suffered as a result of the global economic recession in 2009. As vehicle production and sales declined, parts production and sales...
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