Automotive Industry and Bosch

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Bosch India Ltd

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Bosch India Ltd

* History
Robert Bosch GmbH is a technology-based corporation which was founded by Robert Bosch in Germany in 1886. Bosch was founded in 1951, in India it is one of the largest automotive component manufacturer and also one of the largest Indo-German companies in India. The company generated net sales and income from operations of Rs8017.9crores in 2011, a growth of 19.7% over 2010. Bosch Limited is also the flagship of the Bosch Group companies in India. The Bosch Group holds 71.18% stake in Bosch Limited and has planned a sizeable investment to introduce and manufacture world-class technology for the Indian market. With a network spanning across 1,000 towns and with over 5,000 authorized representatives, Bosch Limited facilitates superior product availability and after-sales services country wide, in alignment with the global Bosch structure. The company’s headquarters is at Bangalore, with manufacturing facilities at Bangalore, Naganathapura (near Bangalore), Nasik, Jaipur and Goa. * Ownership

Robert Bosch GmbH, including its wholly owned subsidiaries such as Robert Bosch LLC in North America, is unusual large, privately owned corporation that is almost entirely (92%) owned by a charitable foundation. Thus, while most of the profits are ploughed back into the corporation to build for the future and sustain growth, nearly all of the profits distributed to shareholders are devoted to humanitarian causes.

* Geographical Spread
Bosch is truly a worldwide company, employing over 281,717 people in more than 50 countries, supplying a complex distribution network of new products and parts. Outside of Germany and North America, Bosch’s greatest workforce is located in India (18,450).

* Businesses
It deals in the following businesses-
* Automotive Technology:
Business divisions: Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Injection Systems, Car Multimedia Systems, Auto Electricals and Accessories, Starters and Generators, Energy and Body Systems. * Industrial Technology:

Business divisions: Packaging Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Solar Energy * Consumer Goods and Building Technology:
Business divisions: Power Tools, Security Systems
* Engineering and IT Services:
In India, the Bosch Group operates through the following companies- * Bosch Ltd.
* Bosch Rexroth India Ltd.
* Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd
* Bosch Automotive Electronics India Private Ltd.
* Bosch Electrical Drives India Private Ltd.

Bosch Vision & Mission:
* Vision:
If they want to work successfully as a team in a global complex world, then we need a common image of the future for our company. This image- this vision- will help us bring our strategic thinking into clear alignment. The Bosch slogan ‘Invented for Life’ is part of its long tradition, through which it communicates the Group’s core competencies and vision, that include technology leadership, modernity, dynamics, quality and customer orientation.

* Mission:
Like a spark that ignites an engine, the foundation aims to empower individuals to create an impact that will help communities stand on their own feet, through employability training and techno-solutions. Technology refers to the applications of a systematic method in order to achieve a desirable outcome.

Strategic Goals and Objectives:
1. .Provide Employability Training and Techno-Solutions through Partners: Vocational training aims at connecting individuals and societies to the economic engines, while technological solutions aim at robust affordable solutions that work in the community context Eg: telemedicine or Solar Power for remote villages.

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