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Supporting Effective & Smart Partnership
Government & Private Sector Working Together Towards A Competitive Corporation Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh, Managing Director Perodua
30 Nov 2010


Company’s Vision & Mission Perodua’s Strategic Direction Industry Overview Sales & Service results Perodua & Government Smart Partnership

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Perodua’s Vision and Mission

Company Vision
To be the most preferred automotive brand renowned for products and services of excellent quality which contributes to the development of the nation

We aim to realise our vision by: • Professionalism in all our operations • Efficiency in utilising technologies and available resources • Resilience in meeting our challenges • Optimisation of customer satisfaction and benefit to stakeholders • Dedication towards social responsibility to the community, the environment and development of a competent workforce • Uniqueness in our products • Aspiration to glorify the name of Perodua 3

Company Values

• Quality Conscious • Customer Centric • Respect • Innovative & Creative • Professional


Perodua – Strategic Direction
UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd MBM Resources Bhd Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd PNB Equity Resource Corp SB Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Mitsui & Co Ltd

Mitsui & Co (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Authorised & Paid Up Capital Authorised Paid up RM 500 million RM 140 million


Strategic direction
Equity structure (prior Dec 2001)
Malaysian shareholders
* 72%

* 21%


100% PSSB
[Sales] * effective equity

100% PMSB

100% PEMSB
[Engine Mfg]


Strategic direction (cont’d)
Equity structure (post restructuring - Dec. 2001)
Malaysian shareholders
72% 21% Mitsui 7% POSB 49% 100% PCSB 10% Effective Malaysian shareholding in PMSB & PEMSB (manufacturing operation) is 53% 41% DMC

51% PSSB 49% PMSB 49%


POSB - Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd PCSB - Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd


Strategic direction (cont’d)
Restructuring objectives
1) Capacity target - 250,000 units per annum, to achieve economies of scale 2) To be the most competitive compact car manufacturer within Asean 3) To develop local competencies and local engineering capabilities including vendors • Key focus areas - to raise quality levels - to improve efficiency and productivity - to be more cost competitive 8

With support from DMC

Strategic direction (cont’d)
Role of technology partner – Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd. (DMC) 1) Development of local (Perodua/vendors) competencies/ automotive technology/engineering to further enhance quality, productivity and cost competitiveness 2) Full utilisation and commonisation with DMC’s product and facilities (eg. platform) to maximise cost benefit 3) Support/assist in the implementation of Toyota Production System (TPS) 4) Maximising utilisation of DMC Group’s resources 5) Access to DMC’s methodologies for cost comparison/ competitiveness/quality improvement 9

Perodua – Strategic Direction (cont’d)
Perodua HQ & Plant Land area Utilised (building, R&D track & parking) Mukim Sg Choh, Rawang 340 acres 200 acres (60%)

Corporate Building

Warehouse & Perodua Learning Centre

Manufacturing plant


Perodua – Strategic Direction (cont’d)
Sales & Service Network
Domestic To date Perodua has 41 sales branches and 139 sales dealers nationwide to serve its customers efficiently. The company also has also 46 service branches and 124 service dealers throughout malaysia for customers’ convenience. Overseas Perodua also export its cars to 7 countries namely the UK, Brunei, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius & Fiji.


Overview – Perodua
1995 Registration (units) Market share (%) Units in operation (UIO) Investment (RM bil.) No. of employees Sales branches Sales dealers Service branches & dealers No. of vendors [Bumiputra] Annual production capacity (units) 14% 0.3 1,669 8 93 53 62 [27] 2004...
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