Automotive Industry and Prius

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April 2003
Toyota Prius; Marketing Communications Plan

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Executive Summary3
The Automobile Market4
Figure 1: UK new Car Market by Volume and Value, 1997-20014 Figure 2: Leading Suppliers of Cars to the UK Market, 20015 Figure 3: Main Advertising Expenditure on Car Brands, 20015 Prius Target Market6

SWOT Analysis8
Campaign Objectives10
Creative Strategy11
Communications Mix12
Recommended Campaign13
Media Strategy13
Timing and Budgets14
Figure 4: Communications Schedule Year One15
Figure 5: Communications Schedule Year Two & Three15
Post Campaign Testing17

Attitudes of Consumers Towards Green Cars (% of respondents),200218 Media uses Advantages and Disadvantages19
Brad: Advertising Costings

Bibliography & References20

Executive Summary
Full service agency "Oakly & Oakley" has been asked to prepare a three-year communications plan for the Toyota Prius, which is to be launched in the UK. Market analysis identified the target market, which consists of two groups: private and corporate buyers. Next to the demographic profile, three different psychographic profiles amongst the private buyer and their media usage have been identified. Consequently a communications strategy that makes use of these media has been created. The strategy will use PR, Advertising, direct mail and Personal Selling. TV, Print, Outdoor and the Internet will be the main media. The Creative strategy is designed to emphasize the unique selling points of the Prius and weaken the target markets objections. The budget has been allocated, however it is suggested to change the allocation from £3m yearly to £4m, £3m, £2m in the course of the three years. The majority of the budget will be spent on TV and print advertising.

Our full service agency, "Oakly & Oakley" has been asked to develop an integrated three year Communications Plan for Toyota (GB) PLC. The plan will focus on the launch of the Prius in the UK. The budget has been set at £9 million (£3m per annum). Traditionally single car dealers are responsible for local advertising and the promotion of their special offers. However, most manufacturers create and support national, brand image and advertising campaigns. This campaign is designed for the national UK market. The Prius has successfully been launched in Japan and the USA, and now its introduction to the European market is planned. Despite the great success of the Prius in Japan and the USA, a careful sales target has been set for Europe, considering differences in taste and culture.

The Automobile Market
Figures and facts taken from Key Note, 2002 and Competition Commission report, 1991 The Prius falls into the car sector, which is defined as follows (KeyNote, 2002): The car sector of the motor industry covers private cars of all descriptions and engine capacities, regardless the type of fuel, providing that they conform to all the regulations for road use and are designed specifically to carry people.

The UK car market is mature and reached a new peak in terms of value and volume of new cars sold in 2001 (see graph). Car purchases are favoured by a sound UK economy, rising disposable incomes, low cost of borrowing (low interest rates) and the introduction of a new type of license plate. However during the 90s the market growth slowed down considerably due to publicity about the much higher prices of cars in the UK compared with the rest of the EU. (Monopolies and Mergers Commission report, 1992). Manufacturers and their distributors started to officially reduce their selling prices in 2001.

The UK car market is almost totally dominated by foreign-owned groups. About 40 manufacturers offer cars, 16 of these have a market share of more than 1%. Ford leads the market with 21%. The share of Japanese manufacturers is likely to...

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