Background and Economic Literature Review on Industrial Industry

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Background and economic literature review on Industrial Industry

The industrial industry includes companies whose sales originate from the manufacturing of materials into finished goods and services. Industrial companies do not represent a single industry in terms of products produced, though they are often considered to be those companies that produce and manufacture products for various industries. In Malaysia, the contribution of the industrial industry has become a significant boost toward the Malaysian economy. Since the Independence Day, about 50 years ago, Malaysian economies have the tendency of improving the state of economy year by year. Involving in many kind of business activity such as import and export, trading and investments and etc. These activities have accelerated the economies, toward improving the market in terms of the Gross Domestic Product; provide more job opportunities, and many more. As for DRB-Hicom, they have become a brand that resonates in the marketplace, and identified with innovation, quality and excellence involving in three significant sectors of the Malaysian economy such as Automotive, Services, and Property, Asset and Construction providing employment for over 24,000 people. Being the only conglomerate involved in the whole integrated chain of the automotive ecosystem, DRB-Hicom have developed world-class expertise and facilities that have positioned Malaysia as a regional hub for the automotive industry. By strategizing on the nation’s transformation plans from a labor intensive economy to an advanced high income knowledge-based economy; the services sector remains resilient to the economic volatility that benefits the Group. The Groups of DRB-Hicom includes more than 60 subsidiaries, associate companies and jointly-controlled entities.

Background and economic literature review on Plantation Industry

The Malaysian plantation industry is an integral part of the agricultural sector. The major crops produced are...
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