Bailing Out the “Big 3” Auto Makers

Topics: Automotive industry, General Motors, Fiat Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Informational Speech on Bailing Out the “Big 3” Auto Makers Bailing out the “Big 3”……Bad Idea or Much Needed Relief? Purpose: To Review the Reasons for and future impact of the bailout. Thesis: Bailout of the nation’s 3 largest auto makers was just what they wanted and what we didn’t need… I. Introduction

A. Greeting your audience: Good afternoon.
B. Attention grabber: Why should the government, and by extension…WE, have bailed out the Big 3 Automakers with our money? You worked hard for your money. And to have the government go into YOUR pockets and provide a hand out to companies that overextended themselves out of greed is a travesty!! C. Credibility statement: I purchased a Chrysler Sebring from a dealership in May 2008. It was one of the most painful processes to which I have ever been subjected even though my credit was reasonably good and I had a great trade-in. I felt exhausted and drained afterward but reasoned that it was a great purchase. I moved to Hawaii in June 0f 2008 and while there, encountered a problem with the car. I tried to call the dealership from which I had bought the car only to find out they had closed 2 weeks after I had purchased my vehicle. The receptionist told me it was due to the down turn in the economy and realignment of the company. I felt betrayed in that the dealership should have notified me of the impending closure. D. Thesis statement: My belief is that the bailout of the nation’s 3 largest auto makers, Ford, GM, and Chrysler was exactly what the auto makers wanted and NOT what we Americans needed. E. Preview of main points: I want to cover two points about the bailout. Number 1. The reason for the bailout, Number 2, How it Will Affect Us in the Future. Transition: Why did we need the bailout? Let’s see…

II. Body
A. Main point 1: The Reason for the Bailout. By December 2008, the auto industry was in a free fall. Auto sales in the U.S. had dropped 37% from the same time a year earlier. The 3 auto makers had...
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