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Topics: Monetary policy, Interest rate, Inflation Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: January 17, 2014
Monetary Policy the policy adopted by the central bank for control of the supply of money as an instrument for achieving the objectives of general economic policy. As stated in the Bangladesh Bank Order 1972, the principal objectives of the country's monetary policy are to regulate currency and reserves; to manage the monetary and credit system; to preserve the par value of domestic currency; to promote and maintain a high level of production, employment and real income; and to foster growth and development of the country's productive resources in the best national interest. Although the long term focus of monetary policy in Bangladesh is on growth with stability, the short-term objectives are determined after a careful and realistic appraisal of the current economic situation of the country. With the shifts of the policy stance of the government in various phases, necessary adjustments were made in the country's monetary policy. In the first years after liberation, the primary target of monetary policy was to regulate not the quantity of money, but the direction of the flow of money and credit in support of the government financial programme. In 1975, Bangladesh entered into a standby-arrangement with IMF and the country's monetary policy got a changed shape, which fixed an explicit target of safe limit of monetary expansion on annual basis. With this change, bangladesh bank started setting short-term objectives of monetary policy in close collaboration of the government and tried to achieve the target by using the direct instrument of control. The principal target of monetary control was broad money (M2) ie, the sum of the currency in circulation and total deposits of money in banks. The targeted growth of M2 depended on a realistic forecast of the growth rate of real GDP, an acceptable rate of inflation and an attainable level of international reserves. Bangladesh Bank took measures to monitor credit and monetary expansion keeping in view the price...
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