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Topics: Economics, Planned economy, Economic system Pages: 10 (3096 words) Published: April 1, 2013
1.1/ Identify the purposes of different types of organization similar with and/or subsidiaries of Mascot.2
1.2/ Describe the extent to which Mascot meets the objectives of different stakeholders:3
1.3/ Explain the responsibilities of Mascot and strategies employed to meet them6
Task 2:10
2.1/ Explain how economic systems in your attempt to allocate resources effectively for Mascot10
2.2/ Asset the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on Mascot and activities:11
2.3/ Evaluate the impact of competition policy and other regulatory mechanisms on the activities of Mascot:12

Task1 (1.1): Identify the purposes of different types of organization similar with and/or subsidiaries of Mascot. Company| Purposes of organization|
Mascot in international| - MISSION: Bring the high qualities of product to customer to use. They want to use reputation to connect to customer or partner and working with 100% to satisfied customers.- VISION: Mascot want to become one of the best company to sale work wear clothe. Always bring new products, new styles… for customers.- OBJECTIVE: Giving more benefit to worker, customers, partner, government…is what Mascot wants to do. Set to brand of company to top of the world. Become the seller that customers want to buy and to choose. Gain more profit from customers.- Core values: Mascot always make product based on demand of market. Products they make always suitable for everyone who want to use.| Mascot in Viet Nam| - Mission: They believe in what they make and customers in Viet Nam will accept. Products of Mascot will popular in Viet Nam.- VISION: The company of Mascot will change or create new market in Viet Nam.- OBJECTIVE: Mascot produces the kinds of fabric and consists of manmade fibers to ensure durable fabric of a high quality. Mascot has more than 800km of quilted fabric is produced every year. Currently there is 1600 staff employed here under Danish Management. There is an appealing working environment, with good salary.| VLP (VietNam Labour Protection join stock company) | - Buying many materials about protection for worker such as: caps, .Mask: cloth masks, paper masks, KT5, N95 mask, dust mask, mask filters toxic, activated carbon masks, anti-bacterial.... - Provide to build system to protect building, house...- Training protector to working in company.| Labor protection Tien Manh| - Sew and provide worker protection clothing, uniforms office...woolen gloves, canvas glove.- The company wants to become to a professional trading sew company. Sale and for rent in the entertainment industry, advertising in Vietnam.| Labor protection Loc An| - Loc An company is the company that production for industries such as: construction, engineering, metallurgy, chemicals, firefighting equipment...- Only provide high qualities of product to make sure it is helpful for customers or workers. - With the objective is that to bring everything and to make they feel comfortable for customers.- Loc An company is now a big competitor of Mascot company.|

Task 1 (1.2): Describe the extent to which Mascot meets the objectives of different stakeholders. Stakeholder| Shareholder description| Objective| Extent to which Mascot| Shareholders| - Michael Grosbol (52.6%).- Susie Grosbol (37.4%).- Tove Grosbol(10%).| - They want to bring high quality of products to customer.- Range to wider market.- They want to increase the income every day, every year.| - Mascot has successfully when they sold many products with high quantities and spend less capital but highly profitable income. They maximize cooperation and mutual development together with other shareholders.| Managers| - Managing director: Michael Grosbol.- Sales Director: Scandinavia and the North Henrik Bach- Export Director: Kurt Madsen.- Finance Director: Anders Ryberg.| - They work as well as they can to find the best way to improve the product.- They always have a new style of...
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