Bmw Strategic and Operational Plans

Topics: Automotive industry, Environment, Sustainability Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Mobility is a number one focus globally as we continue to look for mobility solutions. We are currently living in times of economic uncertainty. To meet these challenges BMW must create strategic and operational plans to increase sales, develop new and profitable areas of activity and sustainability along the entire value chain and in all basic processes, which will create value to the company, the environment and society. Based on the SWOT analysis BMW’s strengths are as follows: a very reputable brand who manufactures vehicles that are environmentally friendly using quality materials thus they have less recalls than the competition. BMW is committed to environment protection, their employees, the community at large and sustainability programs. On the other hand BMW’s weaknesses are as follows: high costs as they manufacture quality cars, high prices since their luxury quality cars require quality materials and highly skilled labor and weak brand portfolio since they only sell BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce. The opportunities available to BMW are: high fuel prices which will create a need or demand for the BMW Hybrid and hydrogen cars, consumers’ awareness of the negative effects to air pollution caused by cars fueled by petrol and diesel which will increase the demand for BMW’s environmentally friendly vehicles and there is also an opportunity for BMW to expand its brand portfolio to meet larger consumer markets. The threats facing BMW are intense competition on pricing and an oversaturated luxury car market, rising prices of raw materials and the growing EURO exchange rate since they earn part of their profits outside Europe as fluctuations in the exchange rate will squeeze profits. BMW believes that sustainability management is an investment in the future success of the company. They leverage new business opportunities, minimize risks and seek to overcome social and business challenges. Their sustainability strategy is applicable worldwide which aims to...

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