Boiled Frog Phenomenon

Topics: Strategic management, General Motors, Ford Motor Company Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Boiled Frog Phenomenon
Irma E. Jimenez
American Intercontinental University
MGT 680 – Strategic Management
August 30, 2013

The “boiled frog” phenomenon will be explained and how it relates to strategic management. An example of a business or businesses undergoing a similar situation will also be given and how could they have avoided the effects of the “boiled frog” phenomenon.

Boiled Frog Phenomenon
The purpose of this paper is to elaborate about the term "boiled frog" phenomenon which is a story about a live frog placed in a large pot filled with cold water. The experiment done with the live frog is also meant to compare it and how this story relates to strategic management in the business environment. An example in regards to a firm that has undergone a similar situation will be given as well and, how that business could have avoided the effects of the “boiled frog” phenomenon. A few questions will follow to explain the process. What is the "boiled frog" phenomenon?

According to the article by Polynice, when a frog is placed inside a pot of boiling water, on top of a stove, the frog will react very fast and will jump out of the water immediately. But, if the same frog is placed inside a large pot filled with cold water and then put on top of the stove and it is turned on to be heated up slowly, the frog will not notice the change of temperature (Polynice, 2007). Eventually, the frog felt unconscious until he was boiled to death. The reason the frog did not do anything to jump out of the pot is because he adapted to the gradual temperature increase and did not notice the danger he was in (Bilak, 2013). How does it apply to business and, particularly, strategic management?

When businesses adapt to the same process and do not make any changes, they are compared to the frog, and before they know they would be at risk of going through bankruptcy or a total collapse. Strategic management is a process where organizations are always monitoring...

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