Bucket List

Topics: Nile, Mount Everest, Cairo Pages: 2 (904 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Elicia Frie
Ms. Schultz
Written Com. 6th
Bucket List
Becoming closer to one’s self begins with nature. Great experiences are created in nature because there are no limits. I have a wide range of opportunities just waiting for me. I want to break out of the social norms such as going to work from 9-5, coming home to chores, and then repeating it the next day. I want to also get away from the city’s hustle and bustle and start to find myself in nature. By challenging myself to rock climb up Mt. Everest, hug and orangutan on the island of Malaysia, and water ski on the Nile River, I will develop a sense of who I am while exploring nature along the way. I want to bare my feet in the soil just inches away from the chilling, mile high rock known as Mt. Everest. When I reach my hand out, I want to know that the next time my feet have the honor of resting upon sturdy ground will be when I hoist my leg over that final ledge, reaching the top. When I pull my hand away I see an outline of my diligence left behind on the rock. I grab the ice cold bottle from my side pouch and replenish my dry throat with the taste of country clean water. I lick my dusty lips and snap on the final silver buckle to my tightly wound harness. I begin my ascent just like anything else, one foot after the other. I feel my knee scrap hard against the cold sharp rocks. I feel my blood gushing out and trickling like a stream down my leg. I feel a repeat of these feelings as my elbow scraps against the rough brush on my left. As I reach half way, I start to feel the pain rippling down my forearms and into my upper body. It is a feeling that I have never felt before. It is also the aching feeling that I prepared myself to endure prior to the mounting of this great creature. I’ve taken into account all of the creepy crawlies that will scamper past my eyes. I’m ready for this climb. Every minute that goes by is another test of my being, pushing me to the edge, but not enough to make me...
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