Business Communication :Uses of Technologies

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Communication is a way to express feelings, thoughts and ideas ultimately with great benefits. Communication technology has changed the way the world conducts business. Business communication, in particular, has seen some of the greatest advancements due to technological developments. Technology has altered modern life in many ways, especially in the workplace. The invention of computers, the miniaturization of electronics and the development of wireless communication have all altered the business world.

The Word Communication: Its Origin and Meaning
The English word “communication” comes from the Latin word, “Communicare” which means to impart or participate or to transmit. The word “Communicare” is derived from the root “Communis” which means to make common or to share. So, communication is i) the activity or process of sharing or exchanging ideas, feelings, information, experience between two or more persons; ii) an act or instance of transmitting; iii) the information actually communicated by some means. “Communication is the exchange of messages between people for the purpose of achieving common meanings.”- O.W. Baskin and Craig.E.Aronoff Communication is sending and receiving information between two or more people. The person sending the message is referred to as the sender, while the person receiving the information is called the receiver. The information conveyed can include facts, ideas, concepts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, instructions and even emotions.

Meaning of Business Communication

Business Communication is the sharing of information related to business activities and their results. The following definition is more concerned with organisational communication. “Administrative communication is a process which involves the transmission and accurate replication of ideas ensured by 6 feedback for the purpose of eliciting actions which will accomplish organisational goals.”(William G. Scott, Organisation Theory) This definition lays emphasis on i) the sender‘s or receiver‘s capability of accurate transmission or reception of ideas ii) feedback, iii) eliciting action which will accomplish goals. According to this definition, transmission and reception of ideas should match. For example, if the sender recalls the happy experiences of the past, the receiver should relate and recall similar experiences. All the above mentioned definitions may vary in scope; but they familiarize us with important elements like interaction, interchange, dialogue, sharing, communion, commonness and so on. They, no doubt, enhance our understanding of the concept of communication, which comprises speaking, reading, writing, expressing ideas and opinions, and exchange of ideas, response to signs, signals, symbols and gestures. We may, thus, define communication as ―a process of sharing facts, ideas, opinions, thoughts and information through speech, writing, gestures or symbols, between two or more persons.” Such an analysis and consideration of the varied aspects of communication is essential for effective communication. Because, unless one understands and appreciates, fully, its nature, scope, and range of possibilities, one will not be able to master the art of communication, which is a matter of prime importance today.

The Process of Communication

Use of Technology in Business Communication

Communication is a very essential in business development. Communication involves the flow of information among business partners, consumers, distributors and employees. A business will use technology to speed up communication or information flow among these parties. Technology presents businesses with various communication tools which include email , visual communication ”share point” , mobile phones, internet , just to mention but a few. It is up to the business owners to know how to utilize these technologies and improve their performance....
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