Business Environment

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First and above all, I praise almighty Allah (subhana wa taala) for endowing me with health, patients and knowledge to complete the assignment successfully. I am extremely grateful to my parents for their love, caring and sacrifices they have made for my education and preparing me to face my future. Your prayers is what have supported me to go so far and help me to stand firmly where I am now. I am particularly thankful to my lecturer Mr. Anuruddha Yapa for giving me his constructive guidance and patience during the period I wrote the assignment. Furthermore, I would like to thank Superdry Company for letting me use their name to write the assignment. I particularly like to thank my sister and friends for their valuable advices and support which they have given me. Finally, I thank all the people involved directly and in-directly for their continuous encouragement and support, without which this assignment would not have been possible. May Allah thank you all!

Executive Summary

This report provides an overall analysis on the types of organizations and their functions, performance of Superdry limited, market economies, international trade and how UK businesses are effected by the emerging market like BRIC countries. This report comprises 3 major tasks which includes explanation of the types of organizations and their nature. Organizations are mainly divided into 2 categories they are public organizations run under government e.g. public limited companies (plc) and private organizations operated by the private individual’s e.g. sole trader. People who are interested in the operations of the organizations are known as stakeholders e.g. shareholders, employees, customers, competitors etc. It a responsibility of the organization to fulfill their needs and interest if they want to run the business in its most effective manner. In addition, it is important for large companies like Superdry ltd to have mission vision aims and objective of the business to know why they are existing in the market. A clear understanding of the company and its market provides better knowledge which can be used to operate the business in full potential. The report also highlights on the different type of economic system present in the current economy. Economic system is concerned with how the economy is going to use the scarce resources to gain maximum satisfaction. They are market, command and mixed economic system. For the countries to gain fast economic growth the government implies economical tools like fiscal and monetary policies to achieve macro-economic objective s like sustainable economic growth, price stability, trade surplus, equal distribution of income etc. Furthermore, report also contains about the benefits and drawbacks of the international trade by taking Superdry as an example. International trade is a good way for business to make high profits by selling their goods at wider market. But this depends on whether the people will buy good as the culture and taste of people may differ. Especially in emerging markets, as they have unstable economic environment which can hinder the flow of functions on firm. The reports also summarizes condition about the debt crises of EU and how it is effecting the UK businesses. As EU plays are big role in UK exports and the economy.

Table of contents

Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------05 Task one: 1.Organization -----------------------------------------------------------------------------06 i. Sole trader --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------06 ii. Partnership -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------07 iii. Public limited companies (plc) --------------------------------------------------------------07 2....
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