Business reseach method

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Feminine Car: A concept study
Feminine Car: A concept study


1. Background

2. Problem Definition
a. Statement of objective b. Hypothesis

3. Research design
a. Secondary Data
 Internet
 Literature
b. Design of collection method
 Questionnaire Design
 Survey
 Scaling Techniques c. Sampling Process
 Target population
 Sample Size
 Sampling technique d. Sample gathering

4. Data processing and analysis a. Data analysis
 Assimilation using Pivot table
 Pie charts

5. Conclusion
a. Summary
b. Recommendation b. Limitations
c. Appendix
d. References

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1. Background
Feminine Car: A concept study

The car industry in particular has always been a male domain with manufacturers focused on the masculine aspect and building vehicles which appeal to men. Today’s cars designs are the expression of the thoughts of an industry dominated by men. The early 1990s, it was quite a discovery to see women drive a car in India. It was completely a male domain and women mostly used public transport or were led by chauffeur - driven cars. One of the limiting factors was the kind of cars that were available in the Indian market at that time; cars were often bulky and difficult to drive. Today, the Indian woman has moved beyond her traditional roles. The transition from a humble homemaker to a tech savvy, independent, decision maker has happened and women in India today occupy important places in the society. Maruti brought in the small car that was easy to drive in the Indian sub-continent. Today the latest technology adaptations like power steering make driving very easy and enjoyable. However till date no car manufacturer has toyed with the concept of a female-centric car, a concept having a niche market in India where the share of women drivers have gone up with the rise in income, education level and aspirations. Indian women have become an economic powerhouse. They are career focused and ambitious with high spending power and therefore need more choices to satisfy their personal requirements. Women are key decision makers in 74% of decisions taken in a household. According to recent surveys, women directly make or influence two- thirds of car purchases. Apart from the cars that women purchase for their personal use, women also have a major influence in purchases made by men and are primarily involved in the decision making while

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Feminine Car: A concept study
purchasing cars for the family. These days it’s normal to find more than one car in an upper middle class household where husband and spouse are both working. In car design, women may attribute different values to factors such as car comfort, safety, convenience, exterior looks. Women may place more value on safety, cozy interiors and increased storage for their handbags. They may view a car as an extension of their lifestyle which perhaps exemplifies their style quotient. Women may view cars as cute and fun to drive, small cars with sporty looks could be more preferred in comparison to heavy cars. Depending on the personality type, women who like to work and party hard may feel the need to have space for storing their party wear. In metropolitan cities, this could be a big boon, as this translates into lesser time commuting between work and home. Car manufacturers could stand to gain by...
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