Cadbury Orang-Utans Case

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QUESTION1: State what Cadbury’s mission, purpose, strategic plans, structure, policies, current public relations issues are. How do you think this will affect the public relations campaign and what should be the objectives of that campaign? ANSWER:

Cadbury as we know is a well-known company all over the world engaged in services of producing confectionery products. Cadbury provides its customers with world’s best chocolates and candies in more than 50 countries in the world and having a good and satisfied public relation with its customers.

Situation Analysis:
The situation is to determine the objectives and establish the alternatives to overcome the issue of using palm oil in the products of Cadbury in New Zealand. The use of palm oil has been opposed by the customers and they tend to “boycott Cadbury” for such thing. Palm oil serves for the feeding of orang-utans and shed for the Sumatran tigers and gibbons, so, their habitat has been influenced adversely.

Now, we are required to develop the plan to regain its goodwill and form alternatives to be used on the place of palm oil and to rebuild a good relation with the public.

Vision Statement:
“Life full of Cadbury and Cadbury full of life.” It's all about working hard and reaching the goals.

Mission Statement:
“Working together to create brands people love.” It is linked to maintenance of quality and standards of company to create the brand equity among the people.

Purpose and Policies of Company:
* Conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Even where we are in full compliance, our objective will remain the control and reduction of the impact of our operations reflecting industry best practice. * Implement programmes and reviews to evaluate our operations and check compliance against this policy. Management are required to have programmes in place to determine appropriate local targets and demonstrate continually improving performance. * Adopt programmes to ensure efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources across all segments of our business and to minimise the quantity of waste and pollutants associated with our activities. * Work with relevant organisations, government bodies and public groups to promote efficiency in solid waste management through recycling, reuse and energy recovery of material. * Provide employees with a healthy and safe environment together with effective information and training to encourage the individual’s contribution towards environmental responsibility. * Promote consideration of environmental and health concerns throughout the supply chain and with our business partners. * Assign management responsibility for the business and maintain the organisation and operational procedures to ensure successful implementation of these policies. * Review and update our policies on a regular basis.

Strategic Planning of Cadbury:
* To produce the world best quality products and create brand equity. * To serve the community and society with world best services. * We energise with the positive response of our customers.

Organisational Structure of Cadbury:
Cadbury is having a functional structure of its organisation. It is a traditional approach; in this type of structure an organisation has different departments for production, marketing and sales activities and communication flows in following manner: So, above are the channels of communication in Cadbury and communication flows from low to mid and then, mid to top or vice-versa.

Recent Public Relations of Cadbury:
Cadbury is having a well-built relationship with public and it includes all of its customers, employees, creditors, debtors, shareholders and many more. As it is running from a long time, so, having a good reputation and acquires a leading position in market. But the usage of palm oil has scattered its image and affect badly on its business.

Necessity of...

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