Can Technology Consume Us?

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One in three teens sends more than 100 text messages a day, or 3,000 texts a month. This might seem a bit excessive to you and I, but it is completely normal for the younger generation to communicate almost entirely in a digital manner. I find this to be both a fascinating and troubling figure. It amazes me that young people no longer seem to receive joy from time spent in face-to-face conversation with their friends, but rather seem to prefer the emotionless drivel of text-messaging. Where are the intricate subtleties the beautiful dance that is human communication once proffered?

I personally revel in all the advances in technology that make our lives easier, from the minute, to the flabbergasting. Still, I sometimes wonder, is this a healthy way to live? We no longer have to really strive at anything. Day to day tasks are becoming easier, but I think we as a species are getting softer. Where is the drive to actually learn anything, when any knowledge you could possible need is readily available in seconds on our beloved internet? The appreciation of a hard job well done is really there anymore, when there are no jobs really hard to do.

I have thought about the problem “is too much technology a bad thing?” for the past couple of months. While I personally love everything about our modern technological life, I worry about our future as a society. I worry that the English language will be irrevocably altered. I worry about our children being lazy, and their children being lazier. In my paper “Can Technology Consume Us?” my research will analyze these problems, and maybe you’ll be worried as well.

The main issue and subject of my research paper is the question “Can Technology Consume Us.” It will be an in-depth look at the effects technology has on all facets of our modern lives. Are we suffering as a species from lack of personal communication? Will technological advances in the future be ultimately helpful to the human race, or harmful? Too much technology too fast can cause us to easily lose touch with reality, and hurt the relationships we have with our friends and family. Technology has already caused us, as a people, to be less physically active. How is technology really affecting us? PURPOSE STATEMENT

I am writing this paper to inform people about the ill effects technology might be having on us physically, socially, and economically. People need to make sure they do not lose touch with some the best and most important aspects of human life. SCOPE

My paper will cover all major concerns of a society being swept away by technological advances. I will talk about how technology makes us less active, how internet piracy affects our economy, and how being computer-dependent makes you less secure. I will touch on how convenient and eco-friendly most modern technology is. I will talk about how our methods of communication and relationships with one another have become less personal, and how some people with lesser incomes can’t keep up with everyone else technologically. Everyone needs to look introspectively and decide if they need to scale it back a little bit.

Technology and Everyday Life: Inseparable

The largest to the smallest facets of our lives are overrun by technology. As time progresses, even the most mundane of daily activities are becoming intertwined with computers and gadgets intended to make our lives easier. Everything from the way we communicate, virtual sports, banking, shopping, and household chores, to the how we spend time with our families is affected by our increasing dependence on technology. This essay will take a look at the way this increase in technology and how we use it affects our lives, and whether we rely too much on these extravagant gadgets and devices.

Some would say technological advances in the last 60 years or so have softened us as a species. In “the good old days” we had to work a lot harder to complete tasks that take mere...

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November 6, 2010
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