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Cars are cool
When I see good one, I drool
Bugatti is nice


Lexus and Corvette
Ferrari and McLaren
I like all of them

Cars are very nice
Choose one after good advice
Bargain for good price

Cars come in colors
Red, white, black, yellow, and more
Come from all sellers

Sports cars, I do like
Pagani is my first choice
I was born to race

Need for speed my gain
I like to drive in fast lane
With loud music on

I like to drive car
Whether it is near or far
It is joy overall

Cars go everywhere
Narrow lanes or curvy roads
I know how and where

Cars make me happy
Energized, also zappy
Driving at full speed

Drive it very fast
Or drive it slowly and smooth
Obey rules of road

About the Author
Faris, the author of this book, is currently 11 years old living in the city of Rockledge, Florida. He is a student at Manatee Elementary, soon joining middle school. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball, tennis and cricket. He is always updated on the newest cars in the market. He has even made a few presentations in Google docs about new sports cars. He likes to play Need for Speed games on his Xbox. Last year, he visited a Bugatti dealership in Miami. His excitement about cars always stays high. His favorite cars are the: Lamborghini, Pagani, Bentley, Aston Martin, Maserati, Alpha Romeo and Koenigsegg.

I dedicate this book to:
My family and friends, and especially my dad, who is always there to support me.

By: Faris S Bhat
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