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1.What is your reaction to this “no attendance” plan implemented at TechTarget? Do you believe it’s too simplistic? Defend your position. Answer: From my point of view I think that no attendance system is an incredible idea that was implemented by TaechTarget. Because when employees have freedom to do their job according to them they will do it from their deepest of heart .If your employees are talented they will do their job according to the requirement. No, the idea was not simplistic because there are several factors that can play a vital role behind this. For example if the idea fails then company will suffer for that. There was much possibility that employees take advantage of this and do not do their job properly.

2. Do you believe that such an employee policy as described in the case can succeed in other companies? Why or why not? Answer: Yes, this policy can be succeed in other companies.
TaechTarget is giving freedom to their employees to do their job according to their own timing and way. Apart from that they are giving target that must be accomplished within a time limit by all employees. That’s why employees will be motivated as well guided for their job.

3. What special HRM conditions must exist for such a plan to work? Explain. How do you believe these conditions relate to employee motivation? Answer: According there is a need to introduce a special condition for this environment such as good relation with employees. So that the employees will feel that this is their own organization. It should be a part of every organization. Now regarding...
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