Caves to Cyberspace

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In “Homo Loquens,” Marshall Poe describes his theories on speech communication. Within his ideas, he points out disadvantages in speech, and how society tends to interpret it. One disadvantage that Poe pointed out was the idea of privacy, and how with speech, nothing can ever be private. “You have to be pretty good with masks, makeup, or false mustaches to fool anyone looking right at you, and most of us aren’t” (Poe 39). This quote is interesting because the masks, and the makeup are metaphorically relating back to voice, identity, and disguise. Poe is trying to explain that someone’s voice gives away identity, and there is nothing that can cover that up. No matter how many times you look at something, say your credit card, you probably do not remember ever number and its order, but it takes only once to match a voice to a face. Speech, and voice provides no privacy. Another disadvantage of speech is that it is not permanent, you say one thing, and it’s gone the next. “You can’t see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, or touch it. All you can do is remember it” (Poe 52). The problem with speech not being persistent is that memory has its disadvantages as well. There’s short- term memory, long term memory, and the fact that memory is also impermanent. We as humans forget things. Because of this, speech is not persistent. Words are not kept floating in the air, and words are not always stored in our memory. We speak so frequently everyday that only significant memories will be stored, thinking back to what was said yesterday, it’s almost hard to think of a single sentence. Speech is so fast and so frequent it is almost impossible to be persistent.

Although Gutenberg’s press was a significant part of the printing era, there were consequences that arose. One example being that the “destruction of Christian accord” began to occur when the printers translated the bible into the “vernacular” of many other languages. This removal of barrier had a sudden yet extreme impact on the German people. This was such a devastating change because now ordinary people, not just the rich were able to read and own a Bible for the first time. Because the cost of the Bible was so low, this meant that religious knowledge was circulating when it was supposed to be significant to the rich, and to the German. To these people it was unfair, shameful, and insulting. The church itself therefore also loses its exclusive power over the Bible and whom the Bible is shared with. With the Bible being shared to the public, it’s as if anyone could be a priest, or that society was at equal power. The Bible was so significant during this era that Gutenberg’s novelty of the press was looked down upon in these ways.

The industrial revolution was such a turning point in history because almost every aspect of daily life was affected in one way or another. For instance, when the transatlantic cable was invented to telegraph communication. The first telegraph was laid across the Atlantic from Telegraph Field, Foilhommerum Bay, and Valentia Island in western Ireland to Heart’s Content in eastern Newfoundland. August 16, 1858 was when the first communication occurred; reducing the time it took by ship, 10 days, to minutes (Morse Code CITE). Along with the telegraph, Morse invented the Morse code, the code that allowed a language to be sent through the wires. Another way the industrial revolution improved communication was when steamboats and canals were created in the late 1700s mid 1800s. The invention of the steamboat and canal helped transport goods, as well as made it easier to communicate. Instead of writing letters and waiting days for it to travel across bodies of water, people could transport themselves across to speak face to face with people. “James Watt is credited as the inventor of what could be considered as one of the greatest achievements of the Industrial Revolution” (Industrial Age: Technological & Scientific...
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