Ccrs Rationale

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CCRS Rationale
One way of teaching Religious Education in schools is through the systematic approach. This technique usually focuses on one religion and is mainly taught throughout the Key Stage two classes. Children engaging with the systematic approach normally build a holistic picture of the faith they are being educated about. The Key Stage two lesson plan that I have come up with is for schools that focus and believe in Catholicism.

Byrne, Malone and White from the ‘Here I Am’ scheme argue that the main aim for Catholic Religious Education is to give children ‘a systematic study…of the life and teachings of Jesus’. The lesson plan that I have come up with enables children to do this as it focuses on the account of ‘Jesus feeding the Five Thousand’. After reading the account to the class I would ask the children what they think the main teachings of the story are. Also, by reading the story aloud to the whole class we are able to see what type of man Jesus was. For instance we could say that was a very active man ‘…when they eventually got there a vast group of people were waiting to see Jesus’. In class we could discuss the significance of the word ‘eventually’ in this sentence and talk about what and where Jesus may have been travelling from and doing earlier in the day. However, although his life was demanding we are also able to see from this account that he always made time for people ‘…we wanted to send the crowd away but He insisted on talking to them’. The class could then go on to reflect about times when they have made time for people.

An additional aim for Catholic Religious Education was put forward by the Pope in 1996. He argued that Religious Education in schools should help children ‘…foster appropriate attitudes’. An attitude is defined as acting in a certain way towards someone or groups of people. I believe that the starter of my lesson does just this. Children will be asked to sit in a circle and will be given a scenario which links...
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